01 March 2006

Rollin' (or sold) down the river...

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I love this comment from a brother over at daily kos:
"...I like your style, even if it's intemperate, it's creative intemperateness. I like that you touched on the way in which hallowed institutions from the civil rights era like NAACP are subject to intense pressures from those outside the organization who wish to subvert the "brand" from within. In this way, legacy institutions end up perverted and co-opted, since at the end of the day all organizations have to be run by real people in real time, in the present moment. If they don't take steps to energetically preserve and adapt their mission to changing times, it's like taking a cruise on the Queen Mary while she sits in dry dock. It's pretty, but you're not getting anywhere."
They wanna' lock me up? I'll start "prisonblawg" since all you need is a damn phone to blawg anymore, and like Attica, we'll foment a damn bloody insurrection up in that b*tch; document abuses in real time, too. That's what I'm serving up; watch my movies, coming soon to a new website and... ahem..... server near you. Near everywhere.

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