09 March 2006

The real extortionists.

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This is arguably one example of extortion, threatening to expose someone's private life for money. Another example in my opinion is where companies like American Tower deprive people of overtime pay, treat them like shit, then make them sign confidentiality agreements so they can't talk to my biographer James O'Brien. Why would they want to talk to Mr. O'Brien? Well because their lives got a whole lot better at American Tower after the Department of Labor had to step in after I tipped them off so that they could get these employees their money -- despite the fact that an Asian-American female staff lawyer before me had also warned them about overtime violations. Yes, I have a copy of her resignation letter.

"If you want the money that we were repeatedly warned we would have to pay you, you'll have to shut up..... then we'll call the police on Chris King and tell the staff he's a Dangerous Black Man as he notes in his movies."
When they do it, it's "offer and compromise." When I do it, it's "extortion." Bury me face down so people like that can kiss my black ass.

Look: There are plenty of responsible corporate citizens out here; as far as American Tower goes (or went at the time) fuck you. F*ck you and your corporate beat down, you f*cking hate mongers. One more time for the people up top (or held down): F*CK YOU.

Cussin' today? You bet. While it is my First Amendment Right, it really is not my usual style. But these godd*mn f*cking assholes are trying to lock me up, all because I exposed their bullshit. And sucka' punk sellout, Drivin' Miss Daisy-assed Boston NAACP president Lenny Alkins is right up in there with them, while Boston City Council staff instead supported us (scroll to bottom). I hate that nigga.'

Here's what other, more progressive NAACPs think:


Anonymous said...

what is the consideration given for their silence?

Christopher King said...

Only that to which they were originally entitled in the first place; i.e. the money that American Tower owed them.

There was no real "benefit of the bargain" so to speak.

So they gain nothing, which makes it a form of extortion, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Or just a void contract. There was no consideration. So they can chat all they want. Unless there are death squads roaming the hallways. Where is this company located?

Christopher King said...

Boston MA and Woburn, MA -- at ground zero for the "Civil Action" novel/movie, actually.

Yes, there were sick building issues, too.

The skinny on these puppies is here: