10 March 2006

Primer on Texas Property law:

Did you know that revised statute 91.005/requires that a tenant/lessee actually obtain consent from a lessor/landlord before subletting or subleasing? Yep. It keeps the property owner from getting run over by the tower companies. I knew that when I lived there and worked for Metricom/Ricochet on-the-go modem, and I never violated it there. Ever. And I knew it when I worked for some other companies who violated that rule with impunity, making money for people like NAACP CEO Bruce/Gordon when he was a muckety-muck at Verizon. I need to take a shower just thinking about what a f*ckin' whore bag I was for a particular tower management firm. Ick.

You motherf*ckers wanna take me down, you're comin' down with me. To hell with slavery.

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