30 March 2006

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Yep. That's why you haters can't keep up. Even if you try it, you're late in the game and the rules will have changed.

Speaking of rules, Charlie, I see by my Unemployment docs just sent from the agency where Defendant/Timmons works and whom she sued for racial discrimination (the docs are not complete as requested, BTW) that I, along with about a dozen other employees, did in fact sue the scumbags referenced herein. Honestly I had forgotten all about that shit because that lawsuit was supposed to be confidential, so I try to keep things that way. So my discovery responses will be Amended. My bad.


Anonymous said...

Wow C2 - you sound pissed off! And like... A Dangerous Black Man!!

Keep up the fight! Gimme a shout sometime...

Christopher King said...

I am pissed off. You know His Honor had the nerve to say in yesterday conference "He can get a job, just depends what kind of job he's looking for."

I had a damn job with you, as Director of Ops with HELP Organization, set to help at-risk youth in the Southern Tier of New Hampshire -- including places like Jaffrey. As you know, I had to resign because of the indictment and the youth suffer as a result.

If they by some miraculous method obtain a verdict against me I look forward to your testimony as character witness, C1.