02 March 2006

Nasty Police, Oppression nothing new to me or Dennis Barrie.

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Gawl-Dang, I was just returning an email to the Greenwich Arts/Council Director when I remembered my interview with Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center curator Dennis Barrie on the Robert Mapplethorpe installation in Cincinnati, back when I was an editor/photojournalist for the Call-Post. Simon Leis was a hateful tyrant of a Sheriff and the First Amendment chicanery they attempted to use was ridiculous, even though the exhibit as a whole clearly had Literary, Artistic and/or Scientific value, not strictly appealing to the Prurient interests. Leis tried to use the roped-off room of erotic art as the measurement. When Dennis explained it to me I knew this country was going in a bad direction; knew that I had to be a lawyer, right then and there.

It's not the controversy that kills you. It's what you do with it. Watch me now.

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