25 March 2006

Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons may be a pathological liar.

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I don't really know for sure without a psychological workup, but I think this email-versus-Deposition testimony bit just 2 days prior to my swearing-in a Legal Redress Chair demonstrates some propensity for lying, for certain. Then remember how she told folks at the NAACP that Jaffrey police had actually filed a lawsuit against the chapter in January, 2005 when in fact no such lawsuit existed according to all court records. Then she used that lie to get me voted off of the Executive Committee. She is a Liarhead.

Let's see what the Jury says as I get done suing her ass for Defamation; maybe Orr & Reno need to have a chat with that Insurance Carrier 'cos she can pay me now or she can pay me later, whichever. I'm easy.

PS: Let's not forget the "We don't take any action without a written complaint" bullshit.

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