28 March 2006

NAACP's Timmons and American Tower's Mitchell are the same woman:

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Stupid hater
Fact: Scroll all the way down to Timmons Depo. testimony to see her try to avoid the fact that she stated in Open Court -- at about 1:13:04 into that ridiculous "Stalking" proceeding she lost (listen to brief audioclip) -- that I was "still (as if I had ever) extorting money from American Tower." She earlier had accused me of "extorting" money from the NAACP after the Court ORDERED me to send a Demand Letter. She's a piece of work, that Gloria.
Fact: They are both somewhere in the decade ahead of me, an age of woman I know rather intimately.
Fact: They both have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds.
Fact: They both honored me, Timmons with an email that said she and the Executive Committee couldn't wait to get me in that chair and another noting that everyone "loved and supported me" for being a "go getter right from the start" 5 days after she wrote the new/rules; Mitchell with a $6,000.00 raise and an employee of-the-week award.
Fact: They both claimed to authority figures that they didn't know me or that they wished they didn't know me after I failed to keep my mouth shut about Civil/Employment Rights; Timmons said it in her Deposition and you can actually hear Mitchell in this audioblawg tell the police "I don't know him, except that he's a scoundrel." This was a matter of weeks after she personally presented my trophy in front of almost 100 employees who all saw it. What a f*cking liar. See also American Lawyer movies II and III.
Fact: They both called me some version of "Dangerous," Mitchell told scores of ATC employees I was a "Dangerous Black Man," (see American Lawyer movies II and III)and Timmons in open court that I have on CD, said "You are dangerous," them mumbled something to the Court about my film maker, who ironically -- or perhaps not -- comes from a police background and can't believe the bullshit he is seeing.
Fact: They both are going to pay me for successful Defamation lawsuits. Mitchell already has, albeit not enough because my bargaining power was cut short by Timmons and Dunn tag-teaming me to produce that bullshit indictment during my final negotiations with ATC. Timmons is paying every day on this and other websites, and the beatings will continue until the morale improves.
Fact: Actually, they both in some measure called the police or invoked some sort of judicial proceeding against me in an ex parte fashion. Timmons copped a bogus restraining order on me that was lifted after I told the court the real story (see also "Day in Nashua movie), and Mitchell had the goddamn Hillsborough County Sheriff serve me a bogus restraining order after I had specifically told their staff attorney, in writing, that I would not do anything to interfere with ATC's business operations or communications. I have the email somewhere. This way they kept me from telling other employees the truth. So I hid out in Pittsburgh for a month with my girlfriend while I waited for those bastards to negotiate an order with some attorney whom I feel should have taken it to court, as I did with Timmons. We would have kicked their ass. So I did a lot of inline skating, ate a lot of sushi and did some good old-fashioned (and new-fangled) bonin' though, so to hell with those haters, make love not war =^.)
Fact: Their feckless sorties into the police realm divert resources and energies away from real crime victims, as my mother - in a furious, mispelling-laden post to blawgger Crime and Federalism - concurs.
Here's what some others say.
Fact: Under each of their auspices, crucial emails either disappeared like roaches in daylight or will serve as the nails in the coffin.
Opinion: Neither of them are as smart as either of my sisters, who are both just younger than them, nor have they consistently accomplished as much professionally.
Opinion: They are both paramilitary plants blotting out the sun on the horizon of Justice, doing substantial harm to the integrity of the military established by people like my Uncle Joe, (RIP), who reached Brigadier General and who said back in 2001 when I lived near him in Va. Beach:
"You should make a movie, nephew."

PS: I'm all about some movies: On the counter that's on old VHS version of Palmetto, a hamfisted, hootlarious film noire. Tom Wright is funny. Elisabeth Shue is over-the-top the whole time in that film; I heard she was pregnant during filming and it really rounded her out nicely. She's radiant. I believe I referenced Gina Gershon and Ms. Shue on the occasion of Lou Rawls' passing; Chloe Sevigny is a supporting actress but she ain't got enough meat on her bones for me.

PS: For the coup de gras, to show their kindred spirits, I also have Timmons on a CD obtained from the Nashua, NH District Court in which she claims that I am still extorting American Tower, as noted in the brief audioclip above. Let's watch her squirm around that during her Halloween Depo; I'm sure it was a nightmare for her. See why they don't want this Depo. online? They like to hide the truth; have to hide the truth in order to try to exact a positive result for their clients. Newsflash: It's too late.

6 Q. Okay. Do you recall a stalking
7 hearing that we attended together last week
8 in the Nashua District Court?
9 A. Yes.
10 Q. Do you recall saying toward the end
11 of that hearing that I was, and this is an
12 approximate quote, still extorting money from
13 American Tower?
14 A. You need to rephrase that because I
15 don't think it was in that content that I
16 said it, and so you have to tell me what
17 you mean by -- I don't know what you mean.
18 Q. Simply that the words out of your
19 mouth toward the end of the hearing in front
20 of the Judge in open court --
21 A. Mm-hmm.
22 Q. -- were that, You are still going
23 after American Tower. You're still extorting
24 money from them?
25 A. I don't recall saying that.

2 Q. Okay. Are you denying that you said
3 it?
4 A. I don't recall saying that.
5 Q. The question is are you denying that
6 you're saying that?
7 A. I'm saying that --
8 MR. BAUER: Objection. Asked and
9 answered.
10 MS. PROULX: Same objection.
11 MR. KING: We'll stand on that.
[Well, that plus the goddamn CD that I had just listened to minutes before I took her Deposition, natch. They obviously thought they were dealing with a hothead amateur -- after all I am a suspended attorney and shit, right? Surely Bauer, Proulx and their gaggle of assistants can't lose to me, right?]


Anonymous said...

First off, America has spoken, and they love anything that involves Attorney Proulx.

Secondly, what is with the lost e-mails, mate ? Have you the disease?


Christopher King said...

Well not exactly. Someone wrote me recently to state that her snub of me "seemed personal."

I think America loves me:


You lost me on the lost emails....

The disease? It's warm out today, but I'm not running a temperature or anything. Also, I truly believe in equal opportunity but lately I tend to favor liberal immigration laws =^.)

Anonymous said...

"I have the email somewhere". You wrote it, not me.

We can call the disease, "Lostemail-itis"

Christopher King said...

Oh, goodness, no I've got it and it is readily accessible, but not in an outlook program where I could pull it on cue. Just have other priorities and finding that specific email is much lower than getting on that motorcycle to go pick up my check and get a pint; talk to a nice bird! :)

Cheers, mate!

Anonymous said...

I would not have posted those deposition notes on this blog if I were you. You were making a total dickfor of yourself there sir. It is quite apparent from the deposition notes that you are quite weak intellectually.