31 March 2006

NAACP Trial: Cowards get another continuance.

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So the other day someone wrote in and said the State's people reminded them of characters from "The Wiz," which I actually saw with a then-black Michael Jackson but that's another issue.

Anyway, this post is a verbatim response to an earlier comment in the "Title for Title" post in which the writer indicates that Albrecht's greatest pleasure would be to send me to prison so I could suck on a nutsack for breakast, lunch and dinner:

That's what he intends to do, and/or to drive me crazy with his bullshit requests for continuances, which get granted (today).

They know they can't stand I got these two white boys workin' for basically free, and one of them was a Lead Prosecutor in the neighboring (largest) NH County, where I'm getting screwed on my Civil and UPL cases.

And you know they hate that their own Brethren white boys are going to sell them down the river by vigorously examining lawyers like Andru Volinsky, Chief Dunn's suspension attorney, to whom I wrote several exculpatory emails that were never produced by the State. Pursuant to what? You guessed it -- Rule 98.

First they complain that I got the Civil case cooking so I could abuse it for Criminal proceedings, and we have recently-ascended Supreme Court Justice Hicks on the record stating that "the two cases are entirely separate" when I was the one seeking evidentiary rulings.

Here's the catch: Judge Arnold has again brought up a reference to my money (what money?) is spent; the first time he asked it in the "Oreo" video at KingCast.net. But then today he was implying he agreed that I should have to pay for the Civil Deposition as Attorney Albrecht said that he "wouldn't proceed without that (Civil) Deposition."

UPDATE 19 May 2006: Cheshire County Superior Judge Arnold issued and ORDER that the State was to provide a copy of that transcript. However, the State still has not provided a copy of that Deposition to my defense attorneys, in a week-long violation of a Court ORDER issued by His Honor. Further, I have reason to believe that the other purported reason for the continuance -- to contact people like Devon Sawyer, J.D. -- who gave me Willie Toney's phone number on a matchbook, is bogus. They had not called Mr. Sawyer in the 5 or 6 weeks since the got the continuance.

So they now expect me to pay for something that is going to purportedly be used against me. Now who's the one abusing Civil Discovery for Criminal case ends?

Is there still a Fifth Amendment, too or not for a nigger in the "Live Free or Die State?"

What a bunch of disengenuous people; wasting our Tax Dollars. And they wasted that money trying to lock me up on not one, but two occasions, once even using a Notice of Appearance filed by Chief Dunn's other hapless attorney, Charlie Bauer. Here's the catch: It wasn't even sent to my address.

Like I say, "Title for Title" fellas. Everything you've got against everything I've got. And I don't have a Hemi fellas I've got a Formula 1 Ferrari. Or at least a 750cc Yamaha and as the Sheriff said in 'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' "my top end is uuuuunlimited!"

PS: Judge Arnold, who didn't want us to record the conference (so we obliged) also admonished me for speaking out several times when I kept asking why we had to file discovery motions to get the Rule 98 spy file we photographed in Chief Dunn's hands.

Let me assuage your concerns come time for trial Your Honor: There we be no outbursts other than Prosecutor Albrecht's head exploding like a defeated Scanner.

PPS1: This is very important: Prosecutor Albrecht said that he can readily obtain the Deposition from Chief Dunn if I am ordered to produce it, then on the other hand he says he's prejudiced because my lawyers didn't forward him a copy of the NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit -- which has been sent to both of Chief Dunn's lawyers on numerous occasions. He's quite the bullshitter and a coward.

PPS2: This is very important, too: We may waive the issue of Overbreadth. Even though Arizona has found the same language Unconsitutional using a U.S. analysis we may stipulate in our Directed Verdict Motion that we only need Judge Arnold to decide on the application of law to the facts in this particular case. Therefore, in contrast to what Prosecutor Albrecht claims, there is no need to brief this issue, and in fact briefing would be pure conjecture and a waste of time because we don't know precisely what evidence the State will adduce. As such the State's continuance should not be granted on this issue. Duh. Gosh it hurts to be so smart in such a dumb system.


Johnny Cochrane of CO said...

I don't get the civil deposition being used in the criminal case. Only that without reviewng it beforehand it becomes a perjury trap if Dunn testifies to matters he made sworn statements to, i.e., the deposition. In that sense, the deposition is an important piece of information. What the rules are governing its production for the criminal case I don't know, but if the supposition above is valid, it is very important indeed.

Christopher King said...

Right, and it could be good for me to use but we're ready willing and able to try the case without it.

So just how is it that they can compel me to use it -- especially after all the nonsense they've spouted about how I was trying to use the Civil case to generate evidence in the criminal.

And as I say, if they are trying to get me to produce it in the criminal case to use against me, we've got a serious Fifth Amendment issue.

But they will try whatever it is they can to put me down, as I discussed over dinner with my writer yesterday.


Vidcaps coming.

Also, no more cussing on the board. I wrote a thesis paper on Letter from a Birmingham Jail, and told Judge Hicks my blawg is no different than that because I am living in a form of prison right now, wanting to try my case and the State actin' a fool; delaying, now complaining that they didn't have a phone number for a witness when they've had the guy's name for weeks now. And phone numbers are not required by Rule, anyway but we gave it to the State yesterday.

Look for us to appear on Monday to reconsider the decision on the Continuance.