28 March 2006

NAACP sues East Haven. Again.

So a few minutes ago I was up in East Haven talking with a potential investor who slides a copy of today's New Haven Register across the table. "East Haven official files bias complaint," reads the headline.

"Didn't your blawg mention the NAACP suing them once before?" says the individual.
"Fuckin'-A-Right," I said. "Damn you're good."
"I know," said the individual.

Frankly, I don't know if the NAACP will -- as an entity -- sue East Haven again in this case. But I do know that the entity does in fact sue, and did in fact sue East Haven on prior occasion, NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (2001) in direct contravention to what the lovely ladies at the Nashua NAACP told the media and Prosecutor Albrecht about me, causing him to write in a public document that I pursued the matter of Willie Toney "without any good faith basis that the organization as an entity, would sue." Thereby obtaining and maintaining an indictment against me for Attempted Felony Extortion.

Far be it from me to tell an established white man in New Hampshire what to do, but Bill, if I was you I would cut my losses, especially given the contemporaneous notes I've shown you in the last two/posts. They lied to you, Brother. You need to cut 'em aloose and let me deal with them in Civil Court instead of taking that phony-assed smile Gloria's got for you:

We saw the same demonic leer in the "Day in Nashua" video from the day she got her ass handed to her for trying to shut down my blawg and website, remember?

Just another example of taxpayer dollars, wasted. As a former weekly editor and daily reporter, my incumbent Fourth Estate duties require me to forward a copy of this post to reporter Mark Zaretsky.

Speaking of writers: James, Ol' Boy, are you picking up what I'm putting down? See you Friday.

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