30 March 2006

NAACP Jaffrey NH trial: Title for Title Bill.

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Your reputation vs. mine. It's all the marbles, and I've just received your Motion for Continuance from one of my lawyers -- former Hillsborough lead prosecutor David A. Horan, who thinks your case is whack. Bet you and the NAACP were pissed-off when these white boys showed up to play, huh? You prolly thought I would do it alone and get manhandled by the system, as they're doing to me in my Civil and UPL cases. Nope. We're gonna (as Tiger told Ed Bradley) "Kick your butt," because remember you're wasting taxpayer monies:

'cos I twice/came before you to address the Grand Jury, which would have dismissed this case just as quickly as will the Petit Jury. Anyway, I retrieved my niece from preschool, and then I wrote the folks at Daily Kos:

1. For starters, I want the Depo. Transcript of Dunn but can't afford it. The state's wrongful order for me to produce it in the Civil case will be appealed to the Supreme Court, dammit. And "you don't trade civil for criminal" Supreme Court Justice/Hicks, who is about to recuse himself from my appeal, said to me in Open Court (that my media crew has preserved): "These two cases are totally separate" when I was trying to make an evidentiary point. So there: Why could it be that the criminal court could order the State to produce it, but then I have to buy it for the civil case when of course Chief Dunn -- the State's lead witness -- would of course have unfettered access to the civil deposition. Answer: To find a way to get this Defamation case kicked out of court.
2. Next, you don't need it for anything Chief Dunn has to say 'cos he can say it on the stand. Duh.
3. If you want it for something I have to say, or said, and you think it's an admission on my part, there is something called the Fifth Amendment. Heard of it?
4. We don't intend to use it because I can't afford it -- and only because I can't afford it. I can't afford to pay my lawyers either but they are all up in your arse because your case is bullshit and you know it.
5. Your witness travel and lodging problems are yours and yours alone. You're a big boy; you've known this trial was scheduled and you should have had that sorted.
6. We're not going to file any motion regarding the file or emails that you and your over-budget, job-seeking, hated by other-cops witness Chief Dunn should have provided as a matter of law: It's called Rule 98. Read it lately?
7. You got Speedy Trial issues, trying to move this thing away from my birthday into June-July 2006. I've been imprisoned since at least 8 March 2005 when Dunn's nasty-assed email, for which he faces Defamation claims, put me on notice of the bullshit Extortion charges -- which never surfaced until I wrote the magic "don't throw this nigga' under the bus" email featured here. You and your cronies -- including Charlie Bauer -- can not, and will not, get away with hiding this email in the first instance (it is highly exculpatory) then trying to exclude it from trial now. Fuck that noise.
8. Watch Oreo video again. That's just part of how you'll look when we finish our production: Like some mean-spirited backwoods prosecutor who doesn't care about Civil Liberties. "I know he'll argue his First Amendment Rights....[while I beat him down]" you say with an air of flatulent insouciance. Now let that simmer in good so when you approach me at trial we can smell the hatred seeping from your pores. You should be sanctioned.

Watch closely: when I finish with you in front of that jury your head will resemble the loser out of the movie "Scanners." You Sir, will lose it in front of the Jury before I do, trust me. And I will keep a straight face the whole time. Let's go, Bill. Your career, your reputation vs. mine. Title for Title.

I will walk into that courtroom a prisoner and walk out a Free Man.

PS: When we finished my post, I expanded your picture. "His grille is cracked," said my eldest niece. I'm cuter than you. I'm smarter than you. I'm stronger than you. I have better sex than you do. Most important, however, is that I've got more integrity than you do. All you've got over me is a bit of money, white skin privilege and a badge. Let's see if that carries the Day with the Jury.


Arnie Becker said...

So if I am Albrecht, and you are having better sex than I am, then one solution would be to.vigorously make a case that sends you to the joint where the only sex you will be having will involve an obese man draggin his nut sac over your face while you lick his hinee. Then who will be having the better sex?Strange world.

Christopher King said...

That's what he intends to do, and/or to drive me crazy with his bullshit requests for continuances, which get granted (today).

They know they can't stand I got these two white boys workin' for basically free, and one of them was a Lead Prosecutor in the neighboring (largest) NH County, where I'm getting screwed on my Civil and UPL cases.

And you know they hate that their own Brethren white boys are going to sell them down the river by vigorously examining lawyers like Andru Volinsky, Chief Dunn's suspension attorney, to whom I wrote several exculpatory emails that were never produced by the State. Pursuant to what? You guessed it -- Rule 98.

First they complain that I got the Civil case cooking so I could abuse it for Criminal proceedings, and we have recently-ascended Supreme Court Justice Hicks on the record stating that "the two cases are entirely separate" when I was the one seeking evidentiary rulings.

Here's the catch: Judge Arnold has again brought up a reference to my money (what money?) is spent; the first time he asked it in the "Oreo" video at www.christopherkingesq.com. But then today he was implying he agreed that I should have to pay for the Civil Deposition as Attorney Albrecht said that he "wouldn't proceed without that (Civil) Deposition."

So they now expect me to pay for something that is going to purportedly be used against me. Now who's the one abusing Civil Discovery for Criminal case ends?

Is there still a Fifth Amendment, too or not for a nigger in the "Live Free or Die State?"

What a bunch of disengenuous people; wasting our Tax Dollars. And they wasted that money trying to lock me up on not one, but two occasions, once even using a Notice of Appearance filed by Chief Dunn's other hapless attorney, Charlie Bauer. Here's the catch: It wasn't even sent to my address.

Like I say, "Title for Title" fellas. Everything you've got against everything I've got. And I don't have a Hemi fellas I've got a Formula 1 Ferrari. Or at least a 750cc Yamaha and as the Sheriff said in 'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' "my top end is uuuuunlimited!"


PS: Judge Arnold, who didn't want us to record the conference (so we obliged) also admonished me for speaking out several times when I kept asking why we had to file discovery motions to get the Rule 98 spy file we photographed in Chief Dunn's hands.

Let me assuage your concerns come time for trial Your Honor: There we be no outbursts other than Prosecutor Albrecht's head exploding like a defeated Scanner.

Anonymous said...

This is a hall of mirrors for sure.

Christopher King said...

Did you check the audioblawg on the "Even Cops hate Dunn" post with the Twilight Zone pic the other day?

Here's Attorney Wilson on the phone now.

I need a beer.