18 March 2006

NAACP Final Pretrial Minus 3: Sponsored by BAE Systems.

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Hell yeah BAE sponsors the Nashua NAACP website. Another organ of the paramilitary complex, natch. Small wonder, then that Military brat Timmons believes she can just "run me over," and tell flat-out lies about me, or as one observer at NH Indy Media noted, she exposes her hipocrisy in "throw[ing] you to the wolves at Orr & Reno."

Dig this January 2006 Joan Roelofs/piece , "Military Contractor Philanthropy: Why Some Stay Silent," as published in Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair's phenomenal Counterpunch Magazine, addressing "philanthropic" corporate war-pigs:
Yet another rampart is built from military contractor philanthropy. Large corporations in every industry have established foundations that act like the large private foundations: Ford, Rockefeller, McArthur, etc. Traditional business charity has been used for public relations, community projects, and product-related benevolence, but today corporate philanthropy works with the general foundations to protect the long-term interests of capitalism and its access to resources, markets, and labor worldwide.....

....The NAACP has always had strong connections with major corporations. The civil rights movement of the 1960s prompted new close links between activist organizations and business. The Urban Coalition was formed, and thereafter, corporate philanthropy became more focused on defusing systemic threats. Its goal was to challenge segregation and discrimination while discouraging the more radical suggestions of that era's activists.

....In this process, it is essential that potential dissidents be distracted into discrete, yet important, good works, and away from systemic challenges.

Here's what Ike & Tina Turner (and an individual from Daily Kos) contribute to the discussion, talkin' 'bout rollin' (or being sold) down the river, stuck on stupid. I already told you they were bought and sold in this blawg entry.

So I've hit the nail right on the head. Now let's see if they can get me thrown in the Gulag for it.

PS: Roelofs, ironically -- or perhaps not -- is a professor emeritus at Keene State. Perhaps she can come on over to view the trial herself and watch her proclamations come true. I've just emailed her a Final Preliminary Pretrial invite. Bruce are you coming?

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