21 March 2006

NAACP Final Pretrial Minus 1 Pt. II: Dunn tries to lock King up....again.

First of all, word on the street is that Chief Dunn is toast, and the town of Jaffrey is seeking a "clean sweep," in part because:
One life-long Jaffrey resident states that Jaffrey residents "... don't take too kindly to Dunn's KGB-like secret files on [residents and officials]."
Second, we know he tried once and failed. Now he claims that my staff taking 21 December 2005 pictures of him holding the file which is the subject of a Rule 98 violation I documented during Dunn's Deposition provides just cause to imprison me pending trial. Dunn says he saw me with a "non-English speaking woman he assumed to be my paramour." Why would it matter if she was? She's a professional photographer. And Dunn walks right past me, in my personal space no less, and sneers so I say "Good Afternoon," and he tries to claim I violated a court order such that I am a danger to the community and must be imprisoned pending trial? What a hater.

Reality is we were documenting his lawlessness.
Reality is he was not called as a witness and was under suspension at the time.

Prosecutor Albrecht received the "factual basis" for capias on 22 December and filed it on 16 March, 3 months later. So much for exigent circumstances, right? I mean we've been in court at least once since 22 December, on 25 January. Back in the day, BTW, I asked to come before the Grand Jury in the first instance.

Goddammit guys, stop it. This is an abusive attempt to brow-beat me before a final pretrial and the Whole World can readily see that.

PS: The state obtained a totally unlawful unlicensed practice of law decision on the day that we shot Dunn with that file. Read this.

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