29 March 2006

NAACP Fascists banned King from commenting?

Yep. Anita Garcia, a pro-NAACP public relations lawyer with whom I have tussled in the past, banned my IP address from commenting on her public blog space. Today's issue was one about a grip'n'grin session with local president Danatus King, with kids wearing Voting Rights Tees. I f*cking volunteered at several voter registration drives, through the NAACP even, and have agreed with NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon on Katrina and voting. As such, here's what I offered as comment, with the above flier containing the slogan, "What good are voting rights when the NAACP sleeps with the enemy?"
Christopher King, of soul relation to Danatus King, asks what good voting rights are when the NAACP sleeps with the enemy.
This is a valid question, and it is an issue that won't go away until the NAACP addresses it instead of trying to put me in prison, Anita. I will stop at no (legal) end to point that out for the rest of my life until I have closure; you would do the same I am certain.

No Justice, No Peace.

Apparently, Anita's not feelin' me, and that's a shame. And I believe they've put pressure on one of my supporters to stop supporting me, too. More on that later. I'll keep on with what I have to do; meeting my writer on Friday to put this in the history books, dammit.

Blawg yahtzee: NAACP and Buschco, together on NCLB in CT.

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