14 March 2006

NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon correct on Katrina, wrong on King.

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I have asked on prior occasion and shall ask again: Bruce, please come forward and explain how your organization can support the police and governmental abuse fiasco in New Hampshire? NAACP telling documented lies and destroying emails on which the Boston City Council staff takes action (last paragraph). Why don't you work the links in this post about racial profiling in 1955 and 2005 and get back with me this time -- alone, brother to brother so we can talk it out. Clearly, I'm a Good Dude. The Nashua minority youth and North Carolina NAACP communications director have both gone on record supporting me, so why don't we sit down and talk? You're a media-savvy guy so you know what's coming next. And only part of it will involve my writer.

Here's an update on your Nashua NH chapter.

Primer on Gordon and Katrina: I wouldn't ordinarily support any delays on voting, but why is it we can arrange for Iraqi voting but we can't sort out things on our own turf. Being from Ohio, and watching slimeball Uncle Tom Negroes like Ken Blackwell for the past 18 years, I can tell you every vote must count -- and they must get every vote.

And I should know: I have volunteered at polls on several occasions -- including the Presidential Election of 2004.

This blawg entry is now the official post of King v. NAACP.

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