25 March 2006

NAACP actually took a stance on black bikers.

In a blog entry set up a few hours ago titled, "NAACP and Restaurant Settle Race Discrimination Case" we see that the nation's oldest Civil Rights organization will sometimes take efforts to eradicate discrimination. But they won't do d*ck for a strong case of a 37-year employee if someone like Bush toady Peter Kirsanow is involved, nor if they have to press the white establisment of Jaffrey, NH, no matter how screwed up that establishment is.

Blackfist comments agree with me in city of my undergrad, where I got my start as a reporter:
You are right on with this one! Buy black-own black and do for self! the NAACP don't do anything except sellout like the bro. Christopher said!
Meanwhile, North Carolina NAACP Communications manager Jerry McClough asks, "What's wrong with this picture," and wants to "Call in the Marines" for the bullshit I'm facing.
He's asking for a movie, too. At least as a black biker, I thank the NAACP.

UPDATE 27 May 2006: We prevailed in the appeal so my father will now have his day in Court, no thanks to the goddamn NAACP. Thanks to me for writing his brief and thanks to him for his oral presentation and brilliant pro se advocacy. My folks didn't raise no dummies. Or felons.

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