25 March 2006

My problem with Judge Hicks and the NAACP:

It's never a Good Policy to rail on a judge, particularly when you may appear before him/her and brethren before the State's High/Court. That's what got me in trouble in Ohio, and that's not what I'm about to do here:

I'm merely pointing out that Defendant Timmons, by power of her position, may have exerted undue influence on his considerations overruling my attempts to delve into the conversations I had with her while she was trying to secure employment for me at the NH Department of Job Security, evidently populated by "crackers," according to Timmons. Our conversations there set the backdrop for me telling her that I was not a licensed attorney because of the bullshit in Ohio -- otherwise what the hell would I need her for to find me a job? I would just go get one, duh. So in fact I know I never affirmatively represented a licensed status in my file that Defendant Timmons reviewed in trying to find me employment.

So I requested all of my file from the Department, and when I get it, it had damn well better match what I've got -- or there will be hell to pay: A loudmouth I am; stupid I am not.

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Anonymous said...

If it was not Timmon's influence that moved the judge, than what was it? Is it that his own judgement was wrong? Don't answer, you are right, this is the sort of thing that gout you bounced back in the Buckeye state