27 March 2006

More proof Nashua NAACP are complete and utter bullshit.

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Still locating notes, wish I had them all, but look at how you can see I recruited Dawn Caradonna, Esq. as a referral attorney, and networked with Wayne Croteau, Esq. of the Legal Advice Referral Service. I have known Wayne for ten (10) years now because in Columbus he was a long-term friend of my then-girlfriend Martha, seen here in 2002. He actually lived at her f*cking house! We were grillin' fish, drinkin' beers... ALL GOOD.

But even better is the damn notation in the lower right of p.2 as an "AI" or "Action Item" to keep my lawyer Robert Wilson and Boston NAACP Lenny/Alkins in the loop of Civil Rights Developments, which is precisely why I sent that Motherf*cker the Demand Letter the minute I wrote it -- as I told everyone I would do with key items because of Lenny's expertise and stature in the community. Then he sells me out. Punk-assed ho-bag. Worthless piece of shit, maggot. And Timmons has the nerve at her Deposition to say I was "hiding" the Demand Letter by sending it to him:

5 Q. Is it your contention that I
6 attempted to hide the fact that I issued a
7 demand letter on the 25th of December?
8 A. Yes.

19 COURT REPORTER: Question: "Okay.
20 So, Ma'am, if I told you that I sent a copy
21 of it on the 26th to Lenny Alkins and as a
22 matter of fact to Attorney Wilson, would you
23 have any reason to doubt me?"

You think I'm lying about the notes? Let's call a professional forensic team, date the ink and get it on. God I hate these lying-assed motherf*ckers. I'll swear now, 'cos I'm surely not a Saint (nor criminal) but in that courtroom I'll be a model of civility. These assholes stole a year out of my life and I'm gonna get 'em good for that. Call the godd*mn insurance carrier and let's get to ADR. And tell him to bring a f*cking wheelbarrow, you bet. They are f*ckin' F*CKED. James, be sure to download this for our meeting Friday. All of this, of course, is just my opinion. They got a problem with it, they can sue me and we'll see what a Jury thinks.

They took a year of my life. No amount of money can really repay that, but I'm going to see to it that they at least make an effort to do the right thing. For once.

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Christopher King said...

Charles Duffy budgettelecom1@verizon.net wrote:

Thanks for the call Chris,

You got to come up to Lincoln NH with me and we can crank the music of Michael Franti and Spearhead and wait for the cops to show up.

I'll talk to you soon



Dude, my friend J****** from the MTBike Picture saw Franti 2 years ago! Scroll down.


I got turned on to him back in '97. Nice.

And thanks for following this case and making Chief Dunn issue more Defamatory remarks about me. It's almost the exact same pattern of recklessness in which he engaged in the first damn place when he said those hateful things to the NAACP Executive Committee. Justice will prevail.