09 March 2006

Monadnock residents reject police spy cameras.


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Incredibly -- or perhaps not -- I found this Keene/Sentinel Piece that a Jaffrey-area resident gave me after a court hearing. He was disgusted about Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn's bullshit extortion case against me for "threatening" to expose police abuse about Black male Willie Toney, who was found not guilty of loitering. "They've got a police state working up in there," said the Caucasian (duh/right) male.

Many questioned the need for the $98,000 16-camera grant (my people could have bid that out lower, I'm certain), with retired Army officer Roy D. Lidie exclaiming he was "throughly disgusted" by the idea and the fact that news titans like the Washington Post and Good Morning America compared the village to "Mayberry." What a damn/coincidence.

Note: Google search reveals that the reeferendum got smoked.

PS: Although we have a new website coming soon, you can still watch Willie and me walk & talk in the First Amendment Movie Trailer, and watch Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht try to shut down this blawg and website in "Oreo."

PPS: Here's a comment from a soldier in Iraq, where our men and women are fighting and dying for oil... err, freedom.


Anonymous said...

you need to find something better to do with your time. Seems like I heard Willi Tony the one you speak of went to jail for dealing drugs. Maybe you could tell us what he has done for work the last few years. If you defended him maybe you have a pay stub of his to show he worked at something other than dealing drugs.

Christopher King said...

Well I guess we would disagree on a valuable use of time.

The parents of abused school children who do not do or sell drugs believe my time is well spent, as you can see at:


... which will feature a new video in 48-72 hours, just in time for "Independence Day."

Otherwise I am spending my time sanding and polishing floors for my sister, then I am about to enjoy some Dionysian reveling and some good, steamy sex for the Holiday. That's a good use of my time, I think. How about you?

Next, the question of whether or not Willie Toney is or was a drug dealer is irrelevant to this discussion because the police on the night in question had no basis for knowing that he was. Gloria Timmons even told Mr. Toney that.

Lastly, I don't have his pay stubs but I have spoken on several occasions with his significant other at the time, and he was indeed making efforts to turn his life around; he never was some sort of hardened criminal, anyway.

Stick to the point: The cops violated his Civil Rights. One day if you get jacked up by the police you will turn for help, and I hope folks don't trot out every wrong thing you might have done in your life in order to justify the abuse.


Oh, and BTW they only went after Willie for the drugs after he pressed his Civil Rights claim.

Christopher King said...

Lastly, I will "find something better to do with my time" when they drop those bogus charges against me.

It appears that most folks -- including the Jaffrey Town Selectmen -- want Chief Dunn to "find something better to do with HIS time."


From which I quote:

"He won't let go....This whole thing stems from that. He still feels aggrieved and the only person he should be upset with is himself.”

Got it? Get it? Gone.