07 March 2006

The meeting.

Scene: Nashua Crown Plaza Hotel Bar, Happy Hour:

“Hey don’t I know you?”
“Yeah, Marty, it’s me, Chris King. You know I’m that brown brother up there in NH you’ve been dealing with. Can’t you keep me separate from all the other ones?”
“No, but I think I recall something about some guy pressing some Civil Rights issue….Damn I’m just too busy fighting off a baseless maligning of my character by a vindictive, retaliatory tyrant.”
“Me, too.”
“You want a Courvoisier my nigguh’?”
“Hey man you can’t say that.”
“My Bad, Dawg.”
“That’s better. Besides, I drink Stella or Heineken most of the time. They sponsor tennis stuff.”
“Oh, that’s right. You are a godd*mn sushi-eatin', clog-wearin', inline-sk8n', mountainbike-ridin', tennis-playin', SAAB-drivin', motorcycle ridin' lawyer/civil rights activist, right?"
“Yeah I’m trying to be that/guy but I’m out of a job and sliding back because of all the bullshit, but I’m working on a media project.”
“Yeah, you should see. We totally make fun of the guy, without him knowing it, like in Bowfinger.”
“That was a good movie.”
“Yep.” Followed by a moment of silence. “You out, man?”
“No, I’m not gay, even.”
“No, man I mean are you fixin’ to raise?”
“Raise, no, I just got fired.”
“No, man, I mean are you leaving now?”
“Oh, yeah, I’m going on down to Winchendon.”
“Witch is dead?”
“No, Winchendon.”
“Oh, you mean the projects?”
“Naw, nigguh’ it’s down….”
“Can’t say that”
“My bad…. That’s down in Massachusetts where I can go hide out to get out from under the heat.”
“Oh, I see. I can’t bounce like that, bruh’…. See, I’m a nigger up here in the 064 Marty, and it’s hard for us to get a job once you put us up under the stigma of a damn Felony Indictment.”
“Yeah, I bet. And I heard it was some of your own people who did this to you, too?"
“Yep. They were some backstabbing niggas.”
“I bet. I bet you hate them niggas.”
“No time for hate. And hey we’re cool and all but you still can’t say that.”
“Damn, my bad, let me get you that next Stella.”
“Peace out, King.”
“You too, Marty. Oh, and Marty:”
“You my nigguh’ Man. I love you.”
“I love you too, King.”
Note: Parody. Although if Chief Dunn were civil to me, I would be civil to him, even shake his hand.

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