11 March 2006

King serves up more trouble for Charlie Bauer, Nashua NAACP and Chief Dunn

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I'll keep servin' it up like this until the day I die. Much more where this came from. This is the new information age: Didn't they get the memo from Media Law experts Orr & Reno they must have sent when they were too busy to shake my black hand? Just doing my part to keep the courts/public, and to dispell the media smear you guys put on me, which is still hosted at WMUR -- the station that Orr & Reno brags about representing. Hey Chief, are they "disturbed and having fantasises about their prior accomplishments" as well?

Frankly, my team does a better job of telling the truth.


Alcuin Bramerton said...

Truth is a curious illusion. Where did the superstition come from?

Christopher King said...

Some also say truth is perspectival. I'm just making sure my perspective is heard.

That certainly won't happen with Orr & Reno representing all the major media in NH:


...so I have to put my law and reporter skills to work!

Anonymous said...

stop making up lies. dunn is the man

Christopher King said...

But where will he be da Man? And doesn't da Man know how to balance his budget? No lies, 'cos I get 'em all from those white newspapers typically represented by the fine lawyers at Orr & Reno so it must be All Good, right?


Meanwhile he can address some of the issues contemplated right here, using actual documents that paint a trail of woe not for me, but for them.