11 March 2006

King, Julian Bond and Richard C. Van Nostrand agree on gay rights.

Put simply, Bond is correct: gay rights are a Civil Rights issue. I have zealously-represented gays in various court matters and my fiancee was quite active in the GLBi community at OSU Law School. I was out of the loop on this but last month (and ongoing) there is a huge/rift in the NAACP/Black community because Julian Bond did not attend Coretta Scott King's funeral because that Church is a hater; was pushing for ban on gay marriage. I also agree that gays should have the right to marry: First we tell them "you're too promiscuous," then we tell them "yeah but you can't get married." What kind of sh*t is that? Bullshit(read comment 13) is what that is, pure'n'simple.

Now the problem of course, is that people like Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn and the NAACP attack the hell out of me and hide emails, etc. because I do things that cost them money, like exposing workplace abuse (read item #2), or actually challenging the white police power structure of New Hampshire, which in some measure is in a shambles and headed for the Supreme Court. I guess they never thought I would take it this far; as Defendant Timmons said they thought they could "run me over." Well f*ck that.

My agenda: Civil Rights and freedom from police abuse for every-damn-body, and not just when it is politically expedient. The NAACP's agenda is to get that money first, and to fly under the police radar in places like Jaffrey. If the NAACP wants to get religious about something other than hating on gays, then I recommend they consider Defendant Dunn's woes out there in Jaffrey as some sort of Divine Communication that they picked the wrong side.

Here's a Daily Kos poll.


WAT said...

I like! I like! How awful that even within the black community, a black gay man is treated like shit. How tragic. I firmly believe that like race, sexual orientation is something that cannot be chosen. EF ALL THE IGNORANT RELIGIOUS KOOK HATERS!

Christopher King said...

There you go, brother. I don't understand the hate; wasn't raised with it but in retrospect I think my family did react with less sensitivity than I think is right some 20 years ago when our neighborcame out lesbian after raising a family. I make no excuses for that; instead I grew my person dammit.

I wish I had more time to stop and chat with people like you who write in, but I'm knee-deep in bullshit.

Meanwhile, here's a real black thief: