24 March 2006

King is about to nail Martin Dunn again:

Here's a nice excerpt from his return email to potential police abuse (tasered) victim Charles Duffy, who cc'd me on an email sent to Dunn.

"He then moved to Mass., where he was fired from a job there, which required a police escort off the premises...."

Fact: there was no police escort on 20 August, 2002 when American/Tower Corp. walked me out of the building immediately after I correctly requested overtime.
Fact:there was no police escort on 22 August, 2002 when I returned to the damn Woburn train station to retrieve my last check, under the guise of discussing my "future employment opportunities with American Tower."
Fact: I have never been accused of a violent crime or crime of moral turpitude until Marty and Gloria came to town.
Fact: I've got the voice of the former Jaffrey Police chief's offspring, with whom I used to work out and vacation on my voicemail. S/he is incredulous at the antics of the current administration. Ironically -- or perhaps not -- s/he was going to be a witness to support me and other American Tower employees until those cases settled.

That white-skinned privilege-abusing heiffer (in my opinion) American Tower VP Jody Mitchell did call the police and lie, saying she didn't know me except that I was a "scoundrel" -- but there was no police escort on me at any point in time. I was employee of the week and had earned a $6K raise, facts that Marty conveniently left out when responding to Mr. Duffy's email. Didja' run that one past your lawyers, Chief? If so, I'll f*cking sue them, too. Do I appear to be scared of you haters? Well I'm not. Bring your bullshit on and let the history books tell the story.

Marty is cracking under the pressure. Anyway, listen to the actual audio of the phone calls here and parts of them on the video page in the short films with re-enactments at "American Lawyer II and III," noting how others received summary dismissals for speaking up in my defense and against company brutality as well.

So again, here goes Marty publishing a false, material, factual assertion to a third party that was made with actual malice with regard to the truth, calculated to cause me damage. When will he (n)ever learn? He's already facing Defamation charges for doing the same goddamned thing exactly a year ago in a hateful email he sent to the NAACP.

Just another attempt by an angry, outwitted and white/person to criminalize me, make me the "dangerous black man" that Jody Mitchell told American Tower employees I am. How f*cking dangerous do I look? Any jury, criminal or civil would see right through that; f*ck him up but GOOD. Well I've got some people in media interested in doing the same exact thing:

For the rest of his f*cking life, wherever he goes, whatever he does as a public servant, I'm up on his ass like white-on-rice. Enriched rice, you know the shitty kind.

PS: Marty, quit trying to lock me up with hateful motions after we catch you holding a file in contravention of Rule 98. That's called haterism. Didn't we talk about that at the meeting?

PPS1: One thing they want to hide is NAACP's malfeasance with my father's case. They can try any and all matter of ad hominem remarks about me, and point toward all those Masonic orders from Ohio (none of which were complaints by my clients, mind you -- all from establishment power brokers) but they cannot say one thing bad about my father, a 37-year employee of Diamond Shamrock and successors, a Military Industrial Complex behemoth. The NAACP is bought and sold with military money, but at least that money put me through prep/school so I can do what I do today!


PPS2: Here's a few more lies from Marty's magic email:

"I haven't had any personal contract[sic] with Mr. King at all." First of all, The email correspondence between us (resulting in a Defamation charge) I would consider personal contact, but if not that, surely the occasion where Dunn appeared at the Nashua NAACP meeting and he and I talked 8 feet from one another -- directly to each other -- and the intern Ashley (whom I secured) noted that he said I tried to run a "scam" for seeking redress for Willie Toney, would constitute personal contract[sic]. What a bullshitter


Anonymous said...

Did you write or report the piece featured in bad cop journal? It is your style of writing.

Christopher King said...

Sure didn't. The writer of that journal and I met purely by happenstance, and whatever he feeds me, has never been wrong yet.

Whatever I have fed him, about Dunn or other police officers, has never been wrong.

Now again, my opinion on police is in the comments section here:



Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah: I have known about everything that's going on with Chief Dunn since the suspension (of which another blogger informed me) well before it was reported in the major press.

I just had to keep it on the DL until it was clear.

That's what makes it such a pleasure to expose his bullshit while he's busy making up stories and half-truths about my background, as I clearly demonstrated in just the American Tower episode noted in this post. You understand two other employees got fired supporting me because I was a hard-working, honest dude who spoke up for employee rights in the workplace, dammit. And all those haters know it, even though they don't want to admit it.


And don't forget American Tower was under Court ORDER to provide missing emails, some of which were of a sexual nature from a Caucasian female supervisor, when Chief Dunn came along and they spoke with him; told him all kinds of bullshit and then he cops an indictment on me, substantially weakening my bargaining power with American Tower.


Go find me somewhere else where that happens, and where the fired employee's opinions were subsequently validated by City Council staff and the Department of Labor, while being ignored by the sellout, sucker punk, faux negroes at the NAACP.


Just the facts.

Anonymous said...

The smoking e-mails. I will now forever set those aside for a rainy day. Good advice.

Princess Buttercup said...

Wow, the promise to hound Dunn until crack of doom reminds me of the Outlaw Josey Wales, or the guy from the Princess Bride:

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

This could actually make a great movie. Have a good weekend.

Christopher King said...

I will put a dagger right though his fucking heart, sit on it and spin. Rhetorically, of course.

He hates that from a nigger, especially. Not rhetorically and no doubt true, IMHO.

I especially want (well, not intrinsically, but more of a need, because on his hateful bullshit for which he already stands trial for Defamation) to give it to him like that.

He started it, I will finish it.

Read the Crash critique,


written by a progressive Caucasian brother,


To see from whence I come. For what he did, and for what he is still lying about:


...and the NAACP's complicit pattern of lies, I will indeed give both of them a life of Hell they are only beginning to recognize. I will fucking kill that Motherfucker. All Rhetorically, of course.


Christopher King said...

I am smelling the anger in my post.

It is raw and I actually hate every minute of it.

But they asked for it, and if they want a trial, I'll give my lawyers their marching orders; put 12 in a box and rock it.

Then when I win, I will fucking pound them into salt for the rest of their lives, or at least until they apologize.

The Judge said he didn't want a "Circus," but that's precisely what I have to offer him, and not from my demeanor -- which will be stoic -- but from the clowns with whom I've been dealing.

Let's bounce.

Christopher King said...

As a tennis ball.