13 March 2006

King files for sanctions on Dunn, Bauer for frivolous pleadings.

Enough is enough. It's not 1982 anymore, it's 2006. Defendant Dunn, through Attorney Charlie Bauer, seems find it permissible to cite 24 year-old case law from another jurisdiction on the sly in an attempt to mislead the Court, and tell me what Depositions I have to file even when I lack the requisite funds. Too bad the relevant law in the area in question -- the public nature of court documents -- had been thoroughly answered in this jurisdiction by co-counsel Orr & Reno in Douglas v. Douglas, 146 NH 205 (2001). It's all in the Motion. See Attachments 1 and 2, wherein we see Attorney Bauer and Chief Dunn try to revoke my bail (read: imprison me, lock my black ass up) using a "Notice of Appearance" that wasn't even sent to my residence. F*ck that and f*ck the haters in this World.

Look below where we see an old and new VW GTi, and the fact that he said in response to my subpoena request for all to/from emails in Open Court, "that's the Universe," producing a handful of Mickey-Mouse emails from him only. It was clearly/bullshit. By this misrepresentation, he tricked the Court into not sanctioning him. These haters are unreal, that's why I document everything. Soon, the Supreme Court will see all of it.
PS: This is Crablaw's blog. It rocks.

PS: Charlie while you're watching: Mar 14 2006
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Christopher King said...

And here comes NC NAACP communications wonk Jerry McClough, actually in response to "Dunn's Budget Hacked" to drop this on me:

Chris when you make this movie please make sure you visit NC for some footage!

Continue doing what you are doing my brother and be safe!


Actual post I emailed him was:


Christopher King said...

Another nice email thread:

Nice Blog:

Bruce Godfrey thecrab[at]crablaw[dot]com wrote:
Dear Mr. King -
One member of the Bar to another, sounds like you have your hands full. Thanks for dropping by mine!
Best regards,
Bruce Godfrey


I sure do! It's rough documenting these abuses, but someone has to do it and they want to smash me so others don't try. It's really that simple.

Thanks, brother barrister.

One thing: Ohio wrongfully took that license a while back. Check the website and you can see the "King is Ethical" button. Take a read.


Anonymous said...

R u still working at the tea shop? What happened in court on the 14th?

Christopher King said...

Funny you should ask! I was just there today to holler at Kenleigh and Mike. Missed Mike, though.

No longer there -- couldn't keep pace with this case and back and forth to NH and all the bullshit that a bullshit indictment brings.

We're totally cool; they bought me some Marg's a couple weeks ago 'cos they know I'm hurtin' for certain.


For an explanation of the hearing that wasn't, read the domments on this post about would-be Federal Judge Allen: