13 March 2006

Here's your black thief Chief Dunn; motherf*ckers.

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And he's residing right up there with "I tapped your mother" Dubya'. He's Domestic Policy Advisor (Bush toady) Claude Allen, a nominee to the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals, so he's not unlike a lot of dishonest judges out there -- some of whom have ruled on my cases back in the Day. For irony, read this Daily Kos post about how they try to frame me up big time in Jaffrey, while they drop the news about this bastard on a Friday night, the lowest news readership of the week.

PS: When I was working for Jesse Jackson in 1983-1984 he was working for Jesse Helms. Get gone, you false nigga' you.


Anonymous said...

Don't you have a court date tomorrow on the criminal side? What issue is the court hearing?

Christopher King said...

Naw, it was on the Civil side, but designed to invoke the jurisdiction of that Court to halt the criminal proceedings because they are violating my Substantive and Procedural Due Process rights in the criminal venue. It was, then, a Motion for Preliminary Injunction regarding:

a) the spy file he keeps cosseted away from my attorneys that I contend contains exculpatory evidence per Rule 98 after the Good Chief went on a witch hunt and turned up nothing he can use at trial. Now I want the contents of the file because I know it contains exculpatory evidence, and it is all exculpatory, ipso facto because none of it supports his contention that I am a thief or in any way predisposed to commit the alleged crime. You know the Union Leader claims he was "disciplined" in part for keeping secret files, right?

b) the exculpatory email chain that Dunn also has not provided, even though both of his attorneys had it a whole year ago:


But the Court, on Defendant Dunn's Motion for extension -- set out the hearing date for 18 April 2006 -- 2 whole months after I sought the relief and 2 weeks after the criminal trial date. So my attorneys are preparing affidavits to note that they have repeatedly asked for these items in the criminal venue. Here is the Motion for Reconsideration on the scheduling pending our Supreme Court filing.


No Justice, No Peace.

plez... said...

WOW! I just dropped by your blog because you visited mine. At first I didn't make the connection between you and the Claude Allen "affair," but after reading more of your posts, I can only offer some moral support to what you are going through up there! I've never been to New Hampshire and by the looks of things, I don't think I'll be adding it to my short list of vacation spots.

Fight the Good Fight! Oh yeah, I'll also add you to my Blog Roll, so I can check up on you from time to time... take care!

Christopher King said...

Wow, just doing some surfing and came across this post.

Plez and I have been cool virtual (and real) brothers ever since, sharing crucial information about some scary things this country has to offer.

That's the beauty of the Internet, and it is the very reason why some haters have tried to shut me down 7 times.