17 March 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Just stopped for a quick Pint-o-Guiness at O'Neill's in So.No. As noted back in January they support me, too. Here's bartender Kevin, me and another bloke talkin' 'bout The Real. I'm down with anybody who's not a hater. I know in Boston, a prejudiced-assed city (Hello) they got Irish bars that set up monkeys during Black History Month and would love to hang my ass high, like Gloria and Chief/Dunn et al. Well f*ck them, that's their damage, dude.

But Kevin knows that his people might not have got the beat-down quite like niggas in this country, (only the Native Americans know that, of which I am a 1/16th Cherokee) but he still knows a good beat-down when he sees one.

Erin go braugh! to my nigguh's from 'cross the pond.

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