29 March 2006

Even Cops don't like Dunn.

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Unbelievable. Dig this Masscops forum. [Note: They removed the post] I like the "slime bag chief" part. Hell, I've never gone that harsh. I think he's got a Napoleon complex, honestly. Just my opinion about a public official, overbudget and in search of a job. I told him not to f*ck with me; now he's damn-near unemployable, just like me as a wrongly-indicted black man. At least I can make a movie now and I've got a biographer; maybe he can star in it and we'll all get rich! Seriously, we can caricature ourselves to the hilt and we'll retire off the first day's box-office returns. What a hoot.

PS: Maybe the NAACP agrees? Mar 29 2006 07:58:33 1 naacpnet.org. At least I can see they're checking things out =^.)


Anonymous said...

What date is jury selection scheduled for in the criminal proceedings? The Voir Dire strategy session must be fascinating.

Frank the Tank said...

Why would they submit to ADR at your request? You are the moving party, and your record before courts in OH is checkered. They may have an advantage over you in a court room.

Has the prosecutor offered a plea deal for the criminal case? I can not imagine he would not. If he hasn't that would strike me as an awfully confident (rightly so or not) prosecutor.

Finally, the fact that you are suing the NAACP must make it easier for an all white power structure to prosecute you, no?

Christopher King said...

Okay to answer both:

The trial was scheduled for April 7th-14th -- my birthday is the 14th. Works well for me, huh?

I've sent my offer to the prosecutor through my attorneys. Voir Dire? Just get somebody who understands any aspect of police abuse and/or the First Amendment. I bonded well with jurors as a lawyer, and will do so again here.

Besides, even if I get police on the Jury, they might agree with me:


Now on the ADR tip: I am aware I am the moving party. I'm also aware of the items I set forth recently on this blawg, including those in these two recent posts that must be troubling to them, Big Time. Not to mention what I'll say about them in the book and movie. I'm willing to waive some of that if they are willing to be reasonable.



If not, you're going to see a whole lot of ugly in the indy cinema next year, and I'll be walking around, a free man, to premiere it.

Plea deal? As I noted earlier, they get no paper on me. And I get to show the Jury how I tried to come before the Grand Jury to be open about all of this in letters written to Prosecutor Albrecht. Again shows me to be a stand-up kind of guy. I might consider a symbolic "posting signs without a permit," which fits with the theme of the book, movie and my life in general.

Ohio? If we stip to it, so what? And if they are allowed to go into it, we're allowed to show our movies and video about my days in Ohio and let the Jury draw its conclusion about what really happened there.

No Justice, No Peace.

Christopher King said...

And in addition to some of the Depo/Email conflicts that cobble Timmons, I've got an hour's worth of audio from the stalking trial -- and the fact that she tried it in the first place -- to delve into.

Listen to her accuse me of "extortion" against American Tower, and even the NAACP for writing a Demand Letter that now NH Supreme Court Justice Hicks told me to write in the sound clip here:


She's bullshit; waiting for me to break. It's not gonna happen. Just got my balls re-brassed this morning.

As I said, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.

Christopher King said...

And more about Ohio's "checkered" past:

1. You realize the underlying conduct occurred ten (10) years ago, right? And surreptitious phone taping actually was not unethical at the time, according to a lawyer who is now a Columbus Bar Assn' fellow:


I am highly ethical, note my prior concerns about my opposing counsel's activities:


2. Then there's this:

Q: What have you been doing since you left the practice in 2000, Mr. King?

A: Making an assload of money for people like Bruce Gordon, Mr. Horan/Wilson/Albrecht:


Christopher King said...

More on my relationship with Bruce:




Anonymous said...

Its not so much that they will introduce the multiple sanctions from Ohio, its just that one could deduce you ocassionally have been know to lack self control in the very controlled environment of a court room. And by your own statement, you are not in Columbus, OH anymore. The jury is going to be white rural, not black urban. And one might conclude you would be such a loose cannon that you would help them make you out to be a narcissistic loon looking for a deep pocket.

Being the pioneer that you are means that people might not understand you in the first instance.

Christopher King said...

Gotcha.' But guess what? The juries I've had the most success with were for example in Hamilton, Ohio, a totally rural, all white jury where I secured the NG verdict for the resisting arrest, etc. they brought on Michael Isreal. Click his name here:


You know what the foreman said?

"You get more with honey than vinegar," he said, comparing/contrasting me with the nasty prosecutor Sam Boorst.

No, I am a bad ass in the courtroom, those two state debate qualifications in high school and the 2nd place Frederick Douglass Midwest award are testament to that as well.

Ohio had to shut me down. But that didn't come from the common man or woman who you see on a jury.

BTW Isreal is the one who sings the nigra' spirituals in the "American Lawyer I" video at www.christopherkingesq.com for you newbies, after Jerry Doyle's acquittal -- which might have been an all-white jury, too.

I'm ready.