27 March 2006

Elitism in cyberspace? Can a brother join the blawg ring?

Notice how last month's New York Magazine story is called "The Blog Establishment?" Well there is an "establishment" in cyberspace and I'm definitely not part of it: I have been trying for a month now (email scans coming) to get listed with www.blawg.org -- the nation's -- if not the World's premier blawg cite. Nice wordplay, eh? Anyway, I've received no inclusion and no response via email. Bill Gratsch I believe is the owner and he is communications guru over at the Dykema firm, a huge one (570) involved in speaking engagements with all the legal systems and people against whom I rail.

Query, does that have anything to do with www.blawg.org keeping me from the ring, or not returning my emails? When I had my BMW 2002tii (prior to American Tower's shenanigans forcing sale) I remember inclusion into the BMW 2002 webring was instant. Like the throttle response on a tii.

You know the blawg.org guys knew about me from the minute I blogrolled them because they track that shit. So what's going on? If it's an oversight, I apologize. But if it isn't they can start watching for a lawsuit: What they offer is tantamount to a public utility, and it would appear to be viewpoint-based discrimination. I mean, this is a blawg, right? And it contains legal pleadings, legal arguments, courtroom still pics and video captures, and pics of attorneys outside the courtroom, and moreover is linked to a website offering courtroom video no less, right? I don't know of any other blawgs that begin to offer that entire spectrum. Yeah, I'm a bad M-F if you think about it, and I'm everything the establishment hates about the advancement of technology, 'cos I can show a hater, 8 years post. Well I say viva technology for the people, dammit.

To be honest, I sincerely hope it is a mistake, and I sincerely hope that he is the same Bill Gratsch who referred someone to the Gang of Four (second) reunion tour: I became friends with one of the members of the first reunion tour; visited her in London. If so, maybe we can work this out.

NOTE: I received an apology this morning and tried to post this note earlier, but -- as usual these days -- blogger was busy f*cking up. I told Mr. Gratsch "Peace."

AND ANOTHER: I still can't find my listing there as of 29 March 12:34 a.m. EST - hopefully it will update by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It does not contain a re-enactment of you exposing yourself, though. Amid all the pain of this case, that would be pretty funny.

Christopher King said...

That will ummm, come later -- in the movie. I'm working on the casting couch now :)

Anonymous said...

You should send a demand letter, followed by a press conference, to be pod cast to the world, free or otherwise. And if they don't respond, have them respond in court, dammit! I am sure it is an oversight, but if not, these smug yuppies need to be taught a lesson. They can not monopolize access to thoughts, or selectively validate someone's thoughts and publish them for public consumption.

The come down of this may be that the forces aligned against you have been contacted or have contacted these people. Who knows? We need more access to your spoken and written words, not more "white" noise.

Christopher King said...

Hey read the notes I just added to this post. The first situation has been resolved, but there is more to address.

Respectfully submitted,

-Your favorite Jigga'

Christopher King said...

Actually I can't find my blawg there yet....maybe it will update by tomorrow.