07 March 2006

Dunn gone south?

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this is an audio post - click to play
It appears that Defendant Dunn has some travel plans. Here we see him walking away. I'll be notifying the Winchendon Police Department about his unfinished ugly business up here, natch.

See, before he can go anywhere, they will likely want that Defamation claim cleared up, not to mention the Constitutional issues I've raised. That will require a trial, as I am in no 'ticular hurry to settle with that dude after what he's Dunn did to me. Roll the dice, Marty.

"Dunn has done enough damage here [in Jaffrey], it's time for him to go."

PS: Welcome to the World you helped create, guys.


Anonymous said...

You best notify your client Willie Toney as well, isn't he bunking in Winchenland?

Christopher King said...

Well he's not NAACP's client/claimant anymore since they ignored his complaint even after he drove down there to discuss it with them.

He had moved from Winchendon and was up near Jaffrey, but now of course he is in the Big House for running small quantities of blow.

Which brings me to another interesting point I've made before: If the undercover brothers were there pursuant to a confidential tip on Willie, all Chief Dunn (Defendant Dunn) had to do would be to tell me about it and I would have said "Okay, Man, end of story. Just tell your men to be careful with those guns."

Because any Civil Rights advocate worth his or her salt will tell you there's no real case there unless they actualy go waaaaay out of line -- bust a lip, spread his cap, dig his wig, you know.

Chief Dunn refused to say, at his Depo., whether or not there was a confidential informant -- and I didn't ask for the identity of the informant, just whether or not there was one. I bet there was.

Life a trip.

Carl Goss said...

Nice Twilight Zone pic.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, there's a lot going on in there. I think the sailer in the chest is best. How old is he?