25 March 2006

Down-Presser Man.

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Jaffrey, NH 24 March 2005 -- Jaffrey New Hampshire Police Chief Martin J. Dunn (and NAACP) tried and convicted on charges of being Downpresser Men.


Tosh said...

I would like to be a flea underneath his collar.

Christopher King said...

He's gonna' run to the sea....

Anonymous said...

Chief Dunn is a sheep-fucker. Have pix for proof. will sell them for the right price.

Christopher King said...

I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot ummm... pole but I will say that his fascination about whether my photographer is my paramour I find interesting:


If you want to know the truth, we were committing a coital act in front of the courthouse, with her on my lap, whereupon she leaned out of the vehicle and shot Chief Dunn with the secret Rule 98-violating file during an orgasm, no less!

Now that's multi-tasking:

Parody. We were not boning at the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

The look on Moron Dunn's face, like he just swallowed a turd, it's a classic.

If you ever have the opportunity, watch him when he walks. It's like he's got a roll of quarters shoved up his ass.

Maybe his old lady sends him off with a penis shaped buttplug every morning.

Maybe, his old lady, has a real man who comes around from time to time, and he mounts Martin until he's a bloody, sobbing mess.

What did Jaffrey do to deserve someone as immoral, as unethical, as vindictive, as Martin Dunn? So much for hiring an outsider.

There is far to much police in Jaffrey, for a town its size. Look at the police reports in the local papers, they do NOTHING, nothing happens.

The Jaffrey Police are known by many, for many, many miles in every direction, to harass people driving through, probably just for something to do, giving the entire town a bad name.

Area residents avoid Jaffrey, locally owned businesses lose revenue, people don't even want to attend events hosted in Jaffrey.

Bad chief of police = bad town.

Christopher King said...

Hey how did you hear about this blawg? Just curious.

Well it seems that Dunn's got plenty of support in Prosecutor Albrecht, another lawless one, no doubt. Watch him violate a Court ORDER and fail to produce yet more evidence per Rule 98.




Judge Arnold let them get away with violating Rule 98 once before: