15 March 2006

Claire Holston, NAACP gatekeeper; ass-bleeder?

Click to expand this case summary for newbies. According to the sworn testimony of Nashua NAACP Defendant Gloria Timmons, Nashua Executive Committee member Claire Holston must have read this email and since I made it clear that Gloria was to read the "Memorandum/Contra" they all knew about my damn suspension issues, right? Anybody got a picture of Claire so I can add her next to these cops who sodomized Abner Louima with a plunger?

Note: Parody. Claire Holston did not literally sodomize me. It just feels that way and probably looks that way to a jury. We'll see. I think she should go join Gloria and Melanie and really think about how foul this situation really is, and her part in contributing to it.

PS: Nothing personal. In fact, I volunteered at Election 2004 through Claire and Citizen's Alliance. I even helped her out with her personal affairs; she had much more seniority in the Nashua NAACP than I. Also, I wish I could ball like Claire, and she's a great coach. I've got no time for athletics now though, in part because of her (in)actions. I'm just setting the record straight, using Deposition testimony that Orr & Reno hate to have online, keeping it open as opposed to the way that WMUR -- controlled by NAACP's counsel -- conducts their affairs. As a member of the Fourth Estate I'm not down with any of that.

You know I met a barbershop owner tonight. I'm going to meet him again, soon. He also knows the folks up at Shacojazz Cafe where I do spoken word. I like how Barbershops are conduits for creative expression and dissemination of nitty-gritty information. Same with my boys in Nashua at SMASH Gallery/Boutique except there's no Eve or the Queen up in there. Just some hard-workin' honest nigguh's. C'est la vie on that, but Viva the Barbershop; Viva technology.