30 March 2006

Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht moves for continuance, cites bullshit reasons.

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Now I gotta' go to court again tomorrow, 2:15pm -- now I hear from my lawyer, former Hillsborough Lead Prosecutor David A. Horan they want to move it to 11:00 -- because I see that Bill Albrecht -- who should know by now full well that the NAACP, as an entity, does indeed sue -- have moved for another continuance because he's having some difficulty making travel arrangements for his witnesses, and because I am now (as of 28 March) under order to provide a copy of Chief Dunn's Deposition -- which I can't afford. Believe me, I wish I could. I'm going to appeal that order to the Supreme Court on Constitutional principles in the next week. Besides, we don't plan to use it in the criminal trial any damn way. So even if they argue that I made admissions in it (I stipulate that I sent the Demand Letter, so what?), they have to produce it, not me. And now they want a continuance because the trial was scheduled for the week of my 41st Birthday -- and what jury convicts a populist Defendant on his birthday. I say put 12 in-a-box and let's rock it. I'll drink a beer with Bill on the 14th since I can't ski for free at Wildcat as I like to.

Remember, I've got His Honor on record stating "This case is being driven by all the wrong reasons."
Meanwhile, the clerk informs me that the State has for some crazy reason denied my Motions for Reconsideration on the missing spy filed Chief Dunn has on me, as well as the issues of the exculpatory email chain held by both of Chief Dunn's lawyers but never provided to me.

The State will do whatever it can to help the State. And the goddamn NAACP is right up in there with them. I stand my ground. No continuance, Attorney Albrecht. We're ready now. You knew you had to have your witnesses together, and you failed. Get that jury in the box and let's go. Remember: The Jury will know that I came before you not once, but at least twice, to address the Grand Jury so that you could see if you could lynch me. Let's get it on, Bill. I am not afraid of you or the lying/ niggers at the NAACP.

New Hampshire: The Live Free or Die State -- as long as you are establishment, wealthy, or monied white.

PS: Remember the Oreo video, where we see Prosecutor Albrecht announce, rather nonchalantly, that he doesn't care about my First Amendment Rights? At trial, every other stupid thing he or his witnesses say will all be lain bare for the World in my movie. I'll be sure to invite my friends from Mass Cops, who already refer to Chief Dunn and his Department in terms of "despicable" and "slime-bag chief."

PPS: Remember, it was the last State in the Union to Honor Martin Luther King.


Malcolm XXX said...

Wow, not such a good day. Hang in there. The continuance can only be for a couple days. Give you more time to blog.

What is the address of the courthouse? You should publish it here and wherever, get your peeps up in there, come money time.

Love the spy file, I hope it comes crashing into the trial, a real show stopper, like in My Cousin Vinny when Lisa gets on the stand and gives the whole run down on the '64 Skylark not having Positration.

Christopher King said...

My Cousin Vinny? Click on "The Parties" in this post:


I'm gonna get these people, and get 'em good.

Positraction or not, no skylark, even with a 455, is gonna catch that Yamaha:


No Justice, No Peace.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the cast from the Wiz.

Christopher King said...

Missed your comment earlier. Yes, the Wiz, saw it as a child with Michael, up in there, actually.