16 March 2006

Breaking in Gilmanton: Another NH Police Chief suspended; this one fired.

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We all know my nemesis Jaffrey PD Chief Dunn got his budget whacked and is looking for greener pastures due south in Winchendon. He and I talked about that for you last week at "The meeting."

But they're dropping like flies, as WMUR tonight reports that Gilmanton Chief Russ Boynton has been fired, so I'll have to look into it. Right now it's all secretive and shit; just like Jaffrey. Here's cached vs. new.

This just in: They did it to honor the 50th Anniversary of Peyton Place.

"The late Sinclair Lewis would no doubt have hailed Grace Metalious as a sister-in-arms against the false fronts and bourgeois pretensions of allegedly respectable communities," NYTimes critic Carlos Baker. Dig that.


Anonymous said...

Any new thoughts on Proulx and why she would not shake your hand? That seemed personal.

Christopher King said...

You know what, I'm too busy hangin' with lovers instead of haters. Follow the comment I just added to this Daily Kos post about American Gulags and government oppression:


Which brings you back here:


I still don't hate her or anything, I just think she's trapped. Wherefore I stand by my comment in this post, where the uninitiated can see the snub my crew caught from long distance:


Erin go Braugh, dammit!

Christopher King said...

Whoa. I just remembered another reason:

I busted her either not being able to read a file or lying, and that is painfully clear when you read this post:


I didn't include that in my first response because I temporally had placed the post after the (non)handshake. But the court file will show I made it an issue long ago, but she got away with it; got Timmons a major extension of time on her discovery responses.

It was all based on bullshit, as you readily can see because the file clearly indicated when Proulx's client was served.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she got a good result for her client, you have to admit. She is a tigress.

Christopher King said...

Part of the whole point of this exercise is to demonstrate how the Big Firm and the Government get whatever they want, regardless of whether or not the facts substantiate their positions.

So it's a win-win, a veritable two-fer then, right?

Only Lady Justice is singing the blues.

Anonymous said...

Don't hedge your criticism with words like "Big" Government. What you are saying is that the judge in this case (Lynn?) is either corrupt (her/his judgement is being influenced by a local powers to come to these impropoer findings) or incompetent (she/he comes to these findings based on improper application of the law). Which is it? The judge is a public figure, people need to know about this.

Christopher King said...

Well actually the judge that first heard that issue is now a Supreme Court Justice, the well-respected Gary Hicks before his ascension.


In a pending case I try to show the truth and let people infer what they may. I think there are so many things going on that you can't put it all in one hat. As Professor Jacobs said, it is in part "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics." Reacting to what? An outsider, a foreigner who colours the tapistry of American Justice in a different manner than that to which locals are accustomed. And that's not just racial colour, it's this whole blog and my open approach to law in general. Let the people know what's really going on; stop taking hush money to go away. That's why my clients loved me in Columbus and it's precisely why the powers-that=be hated me.

I cannot second-guess any of that right now, I am too busy getting and keeping the facts straight in the first place and getting ready for this Final Criminal Pretrial Conference on the 22nd; see what kind of bullshit thatbrings.

Watch the movies; stay tuned. BTW they should load faster this week. New server coming.



Christopher King said...

And remember the first rule of law I just told my film maker about why we've got no ruling on the hidden emails or the secret file:

Most of the time, a judge will avoid making a Constitutional ruling whenever he/she can -- particularly when/if it cuts against the State. And that's a fact, Jack.

Another fact:

I won the only Constitutional Decision in this case actually heard in open court and you can read the JPEGs right here on the Constitutionally-protected rights I enjoy on this blawg:


We're going to get to work to see how many other blogger or blawgers can make that claim.

But I betcha' there ain't been no other black men or women done did that in a State where they are 1% of the population. Much less do it against the NAACP.