29 March 2006

BBC & America Blog report 70 mos. for Abramoff.

America Blog reports that Jack is off to prison. Good. Get that fucking motherfucker the fuck out of here. Hey Chief/Dunn: That's what you call a criminal, get it? He's well-monied, white and dishonest. Everything I'm not. I'm also part Native American (Cherokee is all in my tree), which makes me hate him all the more. NAACP perhaps you low-life lyin'-assed niggers should take notes; you might learn something about criminality and leave me the hell alone.

PS: I'm not Dunn yet: You want to pick on a suspended attorney who was fighting for Civil Rights? Well fuck that, why bother with me when you've got a disbarred white lawyer , exactly my age, jacking off Native American tribes with Abramoff.


Philip said...

Part of my ancestry is Choctaw. You really don't want to know what I wish for Jack (Abram)Off and his cronies.

Christopher King said...

Really? You don't say:


No Justice, No Peace.