27 March 2006

American Tower Corp. got away with bloody murder.

Any lawyer worth his or her salt knows you get in deep doo-doo for failing to preserve emails, especially when you are told in four distinct emails to save them by another lawyer whom you know is about to be an adversary. But not former Mass. Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand or his client, Amerikkkan/Tower Corp., where I was employee of the week and earned a $6K raise before being fired for properly requesting overtime for staff employees. That's why Scott A. Lathrop and I filed for Sanctions and Default Judgment as noted above, but Judge Lindsay looked the other way; let it ride and the case settled for less that way -- especially with Chief Dunn copping that indictment during my final negotiations with the company after they talked with him without a subpoena and issued materially false statements to him.

Can't let a lil' nigger like me get too much money. I could be dangerous with that. Show me a Jury against Nashua, NH NAACP President Gloria Timmons, and I'll address that issue but GOOD.

Meanwhile, Amerikkkan Tower, until I am free from this criminal indictment -- you can go f*ck yourselves. Now I've given my/writer James O'Brien -- with whom I meet on Friday for final pre-manuscript preparations -- something good he can sink his teeth into. You'll note that the news stories end in February; he's now an editor.

PS: You know what else f*cked-up that Judge Lindsay did? He didn't even grant me access to any part of the personnel files of the managers who made the adverse employment decision. That plus the fact that he let them get away with the emails tells me they called in the black Federal Judge so he could do the dirt and I couldn't play the race card on him. Well I'm not going to play the race card on him, just going to accurately report his decisions right here on the indelible face of the Internet for other lawyers and the general public to read and learn about. Viva technology. Harness it for the power of the people.

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