16 March 2006

American Gulag.

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The Clash
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Jr. Murvin

I became more intently aware of America's Immigration problem when New Hampshire attempted to criminalize civil conduct out there in the Monadnock Valley area. I may soon stand trial out there too because my First Amendment conduct of sending a Demand/Letter and "threatening" a press conference on police abuse and racial profiling has been criminalized as well. Chief Dunn response was so/hateful it landed him a Defamation claim that won't go away, like herpes. Or like the stain on my image and reputation that has clearly been damaged.

Immigration lawyer extraordinaire Mona Movafaghi led a meeting last fall of the Mayor's Committee on Ethnic Awaress. The committee is yet something else I have no time for now that the haters have barnacled the vessel that was my life. But while I was there I was grateful for the opportunity to meet her. I wonder what she and my immigration lawyer buddies at CP Law Offices would think of this development:

American Gulags aren't just coming. According to a Daily Kos feature piece from ivory bill, they're here.

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