31 March 2006

NAACP Trial: Cowards get another continuance.

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So the other day someone wrote in and said the State's people reminded them of characters from "The Wiz," which I actually saw with a then-black Michael Jackson but that's another issue.

Anyway, this post is a verbatim response to an earlier comment in the "Title for Title" post in which the writer indicates that Albrecht's greatest pleasure would be to send me to prison so I could suck on a nutsack for breakast, lunch and dinner:

That's what he intends to do, and/or to drive me crazy with his bullshit requests for continuances, which get granted (today).

They know they can't stand I got these two white boys workin' for basically free, and one of them was a Lead Prosecutor in the neighboring (largest) NH County, where I'm getting screwed on my Civil and UPL cases.

And you know they hate that their own Brethren white boys are going to sell them down the river by vigorously examining lawyers like Andru Volinsky, Chief Dunn's suspension attorney, to whom I wrote several exculpatory emails that were never produced by the State. Pursuant to what? You guessed it -- Rule 98.

First they complain that I got the Civil case cooking so I could abuse it for Criminal proceedings, and we have recently-ascended Supreme Court Justice Hicks on the record stating that "the two cases are entirely separate" when I was the one seeking evidentiary rulings.

Here's the catch: Judge Arnold has again brought up a reference to my money (what money?) is spent; the first time he asked it in the "Oreo" video at KingCast.net. But then today he was implying he agreed that I should have to pay for the Civil Deposition as Attorney Albrecht said that he "wouldn't proceed without that (Civil) Deposition."

UPDATE 19 May 2006: Cheshire County Superior Judge Arnold issued and ORDER that the State was to provide a copy of that transcript. However, the State still has not provided a copy of that Deposition to my defense attorneys, in a week-long violation of a Court ORDER issued by His Honor. Further, I have reason to believe that the other purported reason for the continuance -- to contact people like Devon Sawyer, J.D. -- who gave me Willie Toney's phone number on a matchbook, is bogus. They had not called Mr. Sawyer in the 5 or 6 weeks since the got the continuance.

So they now expect me to pay for something that is going to purportedly be used against me. Now who's the one abusing Civil Discovery for Criminal case ends?

Is there still a Fifth Amendment, too or not for a nigger in the "Live Free or Die State?"

What a bunch of disengenuous people; wasting our Tax Dollars. And they wasted that money trying to lock me up on not one, but two occasions, once even using a Notice of Appearance filed by Chief Dunn's other hapless attorney, Charlie Bauer. Here's the catch: It wasn't even sent to my address.

Like I say, "Title for Title" fellas. Everything you've got against everything I've got. And I don't have a Hemi fellas I've got a Formula 1 Ferrari. Or at least a 750cc Yamaha and as the Sheriff said in 'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' "my top end is uuuuunlimited!"

PS: Judge Arnold, who didn't want us to record the conference (so we obliged) also admonished me for speaking out several times when I kept asking why we had to file discovery motions to get the Rule 98 spy file we photographed in Chief Dunn's hands.

Let me assuage your concerns come time for trial Your Honor: There we be no outbursts other than Prosecutor Albrecht's head exploding like a defeated Scanner.

PPS1: This is very important: Prosecutor Albrecht said that he can readily obtain the Deposition from Chief Dunn if I am ordered to produce it, then on the other hand he says he's prejudiced because my lawyers didn't forward him a copy of the NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit -- which has been sent to both of Chief Dunn's lawyers on numerous occasions. He's quite the bullshitter and a coward.

PPS2: This is very important, too: We may waive the issue of Overbreadth. Even though Arizona has found the same language Unconsitutional using a U.S. analysis we may stipulate in our Directed Verdict Motion that we only need Judge Arnold to decide on the application of law to the facts in this particular case. Therefore, in contrast to what Prosecutor Albrecht claims, there is no need to brief this issue, and in fact briefing would be pure conjecture and a waste of time because we don't know precisely what evidence the State will adduce. As such the State's continuance should not be granted on this issue. Duh. Gosh it hurts to be so smart in such a dumb system.

30 March 2006

Discuss Race's Dave Myers weighs in:

I featured this tennis-playin', lied to brother a while back; he's blogrolled. His board is steady on the rise, more activity every day. Trying to make a difference in Life; the two of us will one day work together.

Hey Chris...You ARE 'the MAN'....your website is incredible....there is so much information for me to process... growing-up, I imagined that I would be a dentist, and actually started down that path, before becoming distracted... your worldly experience, acquired through your Law practice gives you a practical, yet very comprehensive perspective on issues germane to our shared goal of African-American 'awareness and empowerment'...Peace to YOU my Brother...

NAACP Jaffrey NH trial: Title for Title Bill.

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Your reputation vs. mine. It's all the marbles, and I've just received your Motion for Continuance from one of my lawyers -- former Hillsborough lead prosecutor David A. Horan, who thinks your case is whack. Bet you and the NAACP were pissed-off when these white boys showed up to play, huh? You prolly thought I would do it alone and get manhandled by the system, as they're doing to me in my Civil and UPL cases. Nope. We're gonna (as Tiger told Ed Bradley) "Kick your butt," because remember you're wasting taxpayer monies:

'cos I twice/came before you to address the Grand Jury, which would have dismissed this case just as quickly as will the Petit Jury. Anyway, I retrieved my niece from preschool, and then I wrote the folks at Daily Kos:

1. For starters, I want the Depo. Transcript of Dunn but can't afford it. The state's wrongful order for me to produce it in the Civil case will be appealed to the Supreme Court, dammit. And "you don't trade civil for criminal" Supreme Court Justice/Hicks, who is about to recuse himself from my appeal, said to me in Open Court (that my media crew has preserved): "These two cases are totally separate" when I was trying to make an evidentiary point. So there: Why could it be that the criminal court could order the State to produce it, but then I have to buy it for the civil case when of course Chief Dunn -- the State's lead witness -- would of course have unfettered access to the civil deposition. Answer: To find a way to get this Defamation case kicked out of court.
2. Next, you don't need it for anything Chief Dunn has to say 'cos he can say it on the stand. Duh.
3. If you want it for something I have to say, or said, and you think it's an admission on my part, there is something called the Fifth Amendment. Heard of it?
4. We don't intend to use it because I can't afford it -- and only because I can't afford it. I can't afford to pay my lawyers either but they are all up in your arse because your case is bullshit and you know it.
5. Your witness travel and lodging problems are yours and yours alone. You're a big boy; you've known this trial was scheduled and you should have had that sorted.
6. We're not going to file any motion regarding the file or emails that you and your over-budget, job-seeking, hated by other-cops witness Chief Dunn should have provided as a matter of law: It's called Rule 98. Read it lately?
7. You got Speedy Trial issues, trying to move this thing away from my birthday into June-July 2006. I've been imprisoned since at least 8 March 2005 when Dunn's nasty-assed email, for which he faces Defamation claims, put me on notice of the bullshit Extortion charges -- which never surfaced until I wrote the magic "don't throw this nigga' under the bus" email featured here. You and your cronies -- including Charlie Bauer -- can not, and will not, get away with hiding this email in the first instance (it is highly exculpatory) then trying to exclude it from trial now. Fuck that noise.
8. Watch Oreo video again. That's just part of how you'll look when we finish our production: Like some mean-spirited backwoods prosecutor who doesn't care about Civil Liberties. "I know he'll argue his First Amendment Rights....[while I beat him down]" you say with an air of flatulent insouciance. Now let that simmer in good so when you approach me at trial we can smell the hatred seeping from your pores. You should be sanctioned.

Watch closely: when I finish with you in front of that jury your head will resemble the loser out of the movie "Scanners." You Sir, will lose it in front of the Jury before I do, trust me. And I will keep a straight face the whole time. Let's go, Bill. Your career, your reputation vs. mine. Title for Title.

I will walk into that courtroom a prisoner and walk out a Free Man.

PS: When we finished my post, I expanded your picture. "His grille is cracked," said my eldest niece. I'm cuter than you. I'm smarter than you. I'm stronger than you. I have better sex than you do. Most important, however, is that I've got more integrity than you do. All you've got over me is a bit of money, white skin privilege and a badge. Let's see if that carries the Day with the Jury.

Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht moves for continuance, cites bullshit reasons.

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Now I gotta' go to court again tomorrow, 2:15pm -- now I hear from my lawyer, former Hillsborough Lead Prosecutor David A. Horan they want to move it to 11:00 -- because I see that Bill Albrecht -- who should know by now full well that the NAACP, as an entity, does indeed sue -- have moved for another continuance because he's having some difficulty making travel arrangements for his witnesses, and because I am now (as of 28 March) under order to provide a copy of Chief Dunn's Deposition -- which I can't afford. Believe me, I wish I could. I'm going to appeal that order to the Supreme Court on Constitutional principles in the next week. Besides, we don't plan to use it in the criminal trial any damn way. So even if they argue that I made admissions in it (I stipulate that I sent the Demand Letter, so what?), they have to produce it, not me. And now they want a continuance because the trial was scheduled for the week of my 41st Birthday -- and what jury convicts a populist Defendant on his birthday. I say put 12 in-a-box and let's rock it. I'll drink a beer with Bill on the 14th since I can't ski for free at Wildcat as I like to.

Remember, I've got His Honor on record stating "This case is being driven by all the wrong reasons."
Meanwhile, the clerk informs me that the State has for some crazy reason denied my Motions for Reconsideration on the missing spy filed Chief Dunn has on me, as well as the issues of the exculpatory email chain held by both of Chief Dunn's lawyers but never provided to me.

The State will do whatever it can to help the State. And the goddamn NAACP is right up in there with them. I stand my ground. No continuance, Attorney Albrecht. We're ready now. You knew you had to have your witnesses together, and you failed. Get that jury in the box and let's go. Remember: The Jury will know that I came before you not once, but at least twice, to address the Grand Jury so that you could see if you could lynch me. Let's get it on, Bill. I am not afraid of you or the lying/ niggers at the NAACP.

New Hampshire: The Live Free or Die State -- as long as you are establishment, wealthy, or monied white.

PS: Remember the Oreo video, where we see Prosecutor Albrecht announce, rather nonchalantly, that he doesn't care about my First Amendment Rights? At trial, every other stupid thing he or his witnesses say will all be lain bare for the World in my movie. I'll be sure to invite my friends from Mass Cops, who already refer to Chief Dunn and his Department in terms of "despicable" and "slime-bag chief."

PPS: Remember, it was the last State in the Union to Honor Martin Luther King.

Powered by Yerba Mate.

Yep. That's why you haters can't keep up. Even if you try it, you're late in the game and the rules will have changed.

Speaking of rules, Charlie, I see by my Unemployment docs just sent from the agency where Defendant/Timmons works and whom she sued for racial discrimination (the docs are not complete as requested, BTW) that I, along with about a dozen other employees, did in fact sue the scumbags referenced herein. Honestly I had forgotten all about that shit because that lawsuit was supposed to be confidential, so I try to keep things that way. So my discovery responses will be Amended. My bad.

29 March 2006

NAACP Fascists banned King from commenting?

Yep. Anita Garcia, a pro-NAACP public relations lawyer with whom I have tussled in the past, banned my IP address from commenting on her public blog space. Today's issue was one about a grip'n'grin session with local president Danatus King, with kids wearing Voting Rights Tees. I f*cking volunteered at several voter registration drives, through the NAACP even, and have agreed with NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon on Katrina and voting. As such, here's what I offered as comment, with the above flier containing the slogan, "What good are voting rights when the NAACP sleeps with the enemy?"
Christopher King, of soul relation to Danatus King, asks what good voting rights are when the NAACP sleeps with the enemy.
This is a valid question, and it is an issue that won't go away until the NAACP addresses it instead of trying to put me in prison, Anita. I will stop at no (legal) end to point that out for the rest of my life until I have closure; you would do the same I am certain.

No Justice, No Peace.

Apparently, Anita's not feelin' me, and that's a shame. And I believe they've put pressure on one of my supporters to stop supporting me, too. More on that later. I'll keep on with what I have to do; meeting my writer on Friday to put this in the history books, dammit.

Blawg yahtzee: NAACP and Buschco, together on NCLB in CT.

Two writers, talking.

"They don't know what to do with me," I says to the guy. "I know, and that's good and bad," the guy says to me.

King warns NAACP: Investigate Duke rape charges.

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Stopped in for a pint at O'Neills to watch my cousin, and got a shock: A news story hidden for weeks about some privileged ($43K/yr I believe) white boys from Duke lacrosse team allegedly raping some brown sisters who were called there ostensibly to show a lil' flesh to a coupla' guys. Come to discover the whole team was there; the only black LAX player was not accused and the white boys refused to cooperate with the authorities.

Because if you don't, I'll get up with North Carolina NAACP communications wonk Jerry McClough -- who already wants to see a movie (read comments) and call in the Marines for the shit I'm going through in New Hampshire -- and get those young ladies and get them on video. Don't throw out any more goddamn emails, my niggas. Here's what Sports Illustrated says. I warned you already, I'm your worst f*cking nighmare: A nigga' with a law degree, a writer, a film crew and a conscience.

Again, Bruce, the choice is yours. Do the Right Thing.

Neighbor heard 'nigger': A neighbor, Jason Bissey, said he should have called police when he noticed something was wrong. He said he saw at least 30 men enter the home, which Duke officials said is rented by three lacrosse team captains.

PS: Here's Smoking Gun's take.

PPS1: FWIW Bartender Kevin is a part of the lacrosse community and he is ashamed for his brethren; I told him I was going to blawg this thing straight away.

PPS2: It broke at least 3 days ago but they kept it on the DL.

PPS3: The $300.00 Department of Labor assessment against American Tower Corp. I mention in the audioblawg is a mis-speak. It was $300,000.00.

BBC & America Blog report 70 mos. for Abramoff.

America Blog reports that Jack is off to prison. Good. Get that fucking motherfucker the fuck out of here. Hey Chief/Dunn: That's what you call a criminal, get it? He's well-monied, white and dishonest. Everything I'm not. I'm also part Native American (Cherokee is all in my tree), which makes me hate him all the more. NAACP perhaps you low-life lyin'-assed niggers should take notes; you might learn something about criminality and leave me the hell alone.

PS: I'm not Dunn yet: You want to pick on a suspended attorney who was fighting for Civil Rights? Well fuck that, why bother with me when you've got a disbarred white lawyer , exactly my age, jacking off Native American tribes with Abramoff.

Hi Mom, this blawg's for you!

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You know my whole production is dedicated to Mother Ann; sorry to put you in "second."

One day I'll be free from these haters, have a nice car again, a nice apartment again, and be able to visit you according to our whimsy.
Your Son.

Even Cops don't like Dunn.

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Unbelievable. Dig this Masscops forum. [Note: They removed the post] I like the "slime bag chief" part. Hell, I've never gone that harsh. I think he's got a Napoleon complex, honestly. Just my opinion about a public official, overbudget and in search of a job. I told him not to f*ck with me; now he's damn-near unemployable, just like me as a wrongly-indicted black man. At least I can make a movie now and I've got a biographer; maybe he can star in it and we'll all get rich! Seriously, we can caricature ourselves to the hilt and we'll retire off the first day's box-office returns. What a hoot.

PS: Maybe the NAACP agrees? Mar 29 2006 07:58:33 1 naacpnet.org. At least I can see they're checking things out =^.)

28 March 2006

NAACP's Timmons and American Tower's Mitchell are the same woman:

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Stupid hater
Fact: Scroll all the way down to Timmons Depo. testimony to see her try to avoid the fact that she stated in Open Court -- at about 1:13:04 into that ridiculous "Stalking" proceeding she lost (listen to brief audioclip) -- that I was "still (as if I had ever) extorting money from American Tower." She earlier had accused me of "extorting" money from the NAACP after the Court ORDERED me to send a Demand Letter. She's a piece of work, that Gloria.
Fact: They are both somewhere in the decade ahead of me, an age of woman I know rather intimately.
Fact: They both have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds.
Fact: They both honored me, Timmons with an email that said she and the Executive Committee couldn't wait to get me in that chair and another noting that everyone "loved and supported me" for being a "go getter right from the start" 5 days after she wrote the new/rules; Mitchell with a $6,000.00 raise and an employee of-the-week award.
Fact: They both claimed to authority figures that they didn't know me or that they wished they didn't know me after I failed to keep my mouth shut about Civil/Employment Rights; Timmons said it in her Deposition and you can actually hear Mitchell in this audioblawg tell the police "I don't know him, except that he's a scoundrel." This was a matter of weeks after she personally presented my trophy in front of almost 100 employees who all saw it. What a f*cking liar. See also American Lawyer movies II and III.
Fact: They both called me some version of "Dangerous," Mitchell told scores of ATC employees I was a "Dangerous Black Man," (see American Lawyer movies II and III)and Timmons in open court that I have on CD, said "You are dangerous," them mumbled something to the Court about my film maker, who ironically -- or perhaps not -- comes from a police background and can't believe the bullshit he is seeing.
Fact: They both are going to pay me for successful Defamation lawsuits. Mitchell already has, albeit not enough because my bargaining power was cut short by Timmons and Dunn tag-teaming me to produce that bullshit indictment during my final negotiations with ATC. Timmons is paying every day on this and other websites, and the beatings will continue until the morale improves.
Fact: Actually, they both in some measure called the police or invoked some sort of judicial proceeding against me in an ex parte fashion. Timmons copped a bogus restraining order on me that was lifted after I told the court the real story (see also "Day in Nashua movie), and Mitchell had the goddamn Hillsborough County Sheriff serve me a bogus restraining order after I had specifically told their staff attorney, in writing, that I would not do anything to interfere with ATC's business operations or communications. I have the email somewhere. This way they kept me from telling other employees the truth. So I hid out in Pittsburgh for a month with my girlfriend while I waited for those bastards to negotiate an order with some attorney whom I feel should have taken it to court, as I did with Timmons. We would have kicked their ass. So I did a lot of inline skating, ate a lot of sushi and did some good old-fashioned (and new-fangled) bonin' though, so to hell with those haters, make love not war =^.)
Fact: Their feckless sorties into the police realm divert resources and energies away from real crime victims, as my mother - in a furious, mispelling-laden post to blawgger Crime and Federalism - concurs.
Here's what some others say.
Fact: Under each of their auspices, crucial emails either disappeared like roaches in daylight or will serve as the nails in the coffin.
Opinion: Neither of them are as smart as either of my sisters, who are both just younger than them, nor have they consistently accomplished as much professionally.
Opinion: They are both paramilitary plants blotting out the sun on the horizon of Justice, doing substantial harm to the integrity of the military established by people like my Uncle Joe, (RIP), who reached Brigadier General and who said back in 2001 when I lived near him in Va. Beach:
"You should make a movie, nephew."

PS: I'm all about some movies: On the counter that's on old VHS version of Palmetto, a hamfisted, hootlarious film noire. Tom Wright is funny. Elisabeth Shue is over-the-top the whole time in that film; I heard she was pregnant during filming and it really rounded her out nicely. She's radiant. I believe I referenced Gina Gershon and Ms. Shue on the occasion of Lou Rawls' passing; Chloe Sevigny is a supporting actress but she ain't got enough meat on her bones for me.

PS: For the coup de gras, to show their kindred spirits, I also have Timmons on a CD obtained from the Nashua, NH District Court in which she claims that I am still extorting American Tower, as noted in the brief audioclip above. Let's watch her squirm around that during her Halloween Depo; I'm sure it was a nightmare for her. See why they don't want this Depo. online? They like to hide the truth; have to hide the truth in order to try to exact a positive result for their clients. Newsflash: It's too late.

6 Q. Okay. Do you recall a stalking
7 hearing that we attended together last week
8 in the Nashua District Court?
9 A. Yes.
10 Q. Do you recall saying toward the end
11 of that hearing that I was, and this is an
12 approximate quote, still extorting money from
13 American Tower?
14 A. You need to rephrase that because I
15 don't think it was in that content that I
16 said it, and so you have to tell me what
17 you mean by -- I don't know what you mean.
18 Q. Simply that the words out of your
19 mouth toward the end of the hearing in front
20 of the Judge in open court --
21 A. Mm-hmm.
22 Q. -- were that, You are still going
23 after American Tower. You're still extorting
24 money from them?
25 A. I don't recall saying that.

2 Q. Okay. Are you denying that you said
3 it?
4 A. I don't recall saying that.
5 Q. The question is are you denying that
6 you're saying that?
7 A. I'm saying that --
8 MR. BAUER: Objection. Asked and
9 answered.
10 MS. PROULX: Same objection.
11 MR. KING: We'll stand on that.
[Well, that plus the goddamn CD that I had just listened to minutes before I took her Deposition, natch. They obviously thought they were dealing with a hothead amateur -- after all I am a suspended attorney and shit, right? Surely Bauer, Proulx and their gaggle of assistants can't lose to me, right?]

NAACP sues East Haven. Again.

So a few minutes ago I was up in East Haven talking with a potential investor who slides a copy of today's New Haven Register across the table. "East Haven official files bias complaint," reads the headline.

"Didn't your blawg mention the NAACP suing them once before?" says the individual.
"Fuckin'-A-Right," I said. "Damn you're good."
"I know," said the individual.

Frankly, I don't know if the NAACP will -- as an entity -- sue East Haven again in this case. But I do know that the entity does in fact sue, and did in fact sue East Haven on prior occasion, NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (2001) in direct contravention to what the lovely ladies at the Nashua NAACP told the media and Prosecutor Albrecht about me, causing him to write in a public document that I pursued the matter of Willie Toney "without any good faith basis that the organization as an entity, would sue." Thereby obtaining and maintaining an indictment against me for Attempted Felony Extortion.

Far be it from me to tell an established white man in New Hampshire what to do, but Bill, if I was you I would cut my losses, especially given the contemporaneous notes I've shown you in the last two/posts. They lied to you, Brother. You need to cut 'em aloose and let me deal with them in Civil Court instead of taking that phony-assed smile Gloria's got for you:

We saw the same demonic leer in the "Day in Nashua" video from the day she got her ass handed to her for trying to shut down my blawg and website, remember?

Just another example of taxpayer dollars, wasted. As a former weekly editor and daily reporter, my incumbent Fourth Estate duties require me to forward a copy of this post to reporter Mark Zaretsky.

Speaking of writers: James, Ol' Boy, are you picking up what I'm putting down? See you Friday.

More proof Nashua NAACP are complete and utter bullshit II.

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I hate to air dirty laundry like this, and tried to keep it back but F*ck it; it's my ass on the line. Note how I initiated/contact with Prosecutor Albrecht to go before the Grand Jury, but he ignored my black ass to try to go for the kill instead? Well if the Grand Jury had even known about the things I set forth on the next/two pages alone, an Indictment probably wouldn't have issued, not to mention all the other things I've shown Nashua NAACP President Timmons to have lied/about. Time to wrap it up guys. You've jerked the taxpayers (and me) around long enough.

What's Dunn is Dunn.