20 February 2006

Willie Toney wants a movie, too.

Remember how recently-reinstated and soon-to-be sued for Constitutional Due Process Chief/Dunn said "Willie Toney could be added to King's victim pool?" Well that was f*cking bullshit. Willie and Hannah are not upset with me but they are afraid to talk: I think Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht cut him a deal on his minor cocaine charges to give him short jail time as long as he kept his mouth shut about me. The Union Leader failed to run the story Willie told them near the park bench at the Cheshire County Courthouse where in "First Amendment Movie Trailer" you can see me walk with him, and see Union Leader reporter Steve Seitz take notes. I have not forgotten about Willie; its just that somehow I believe I'm in a better position to help him forward his and my concerns if I'm on this side of a prison door.

I'm sure they will accuse me of writing this email to myself. If so, they can kiss my black ass after all the email hiding they're conducting; see items a & b. And I will move for sanctions. Hint: There are ways to prove the point of origin of this email.

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