03 February 2006

The Tao of Steve: "I spent 4 hours on your website, man."

I touched Steve McQueen's Porsche today, on a random walk just minutes after I stopped at the Greenwich Arts Council to deliver a DVD and other materials. Not the one pictured as a model from the movie Lemans, but his personal driver, a black 1985 Carrera. My favorite 911s (history) overall are from this Carrera time period. "87?" I asked. "85," said the driver, soft-spoken UK lilt ever present. He saw the appreciation in my eyes for the marque when he told me it was Steve McQueen's car and we started chatting so hard the police officer had to tell us to move it along. I touched it before he pulled away and the driver just smiled, knowingly.
Update: At my niece Chandler's 8th birthday party held at the Drawing Room, owner Mike told me he met this gentleman last week as well because he stopped in after reading the New York Times piece: He's into restaurant management. "What a cool guy," we both said. If not tao it's certainly good serendipty.

Anyway, my film advisor is a Steve, and my Hawken classmate Greer Goodman (nice glass, Greer -- and dig that halo above my head, right?) co-wrote, directed and had a starring role in "Tao of Steve," which oddly enough I just blawgged about two days ago. So it fit that later, when I went to see a new friend tonight after work at Ocean Drive, I met a certain tennis player from New Zealand and made some plans to play, while the first thing out of my friend's mouth was "Man, my friend came over this morning and we spent four hours on your sites. It's unbelievable how much we learned. We're gonna share that. Your money's no good here tonight." Then s/he turned me on to Alex Jones' Bohemian Grove films hosted on prisonplanet.tv. This is some heady material.

There you go. They want the movie, too.

PS: The 911 fascination is not about speed. Many a car will whip an '80s 911 these days; I've done it in some of my well-boosted SAABs. It's about the tactile environment that these cars create; the sound, smell, texture, hair-trigger response. I used to drive Pete Rose's twin-turbo 911/DP 935 (which no SAAB can catch) and I can tell you there's nothing quite like a vintage 911. And Ferraris are more expensive up front and cost too damn much per mile to operate, I helped my roomie work on these cars so I knew the real deal. 911s ain't cheap either, but are reasonable if well-sorted at purchase. Afraid of cost when I could have bought one, I deferred and bought another Bimmer, but one day I will have one.

PPS: Ali McGraw.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I would like some info on the Pete Rose DP/935 you drove. I have one that Rose used to own. 1986 DP 935 that was white/white wheb Rose had it. Thanks, Steve sellitall4@tampabay.rr.com

Christopher King said...

Heh-heh. What a hoot. I'll email you. As you know, he had a bunch of Porsches, and more than one DP.

For some reason I remember the DP as red, but I might be wrong, or it could have been another one in the stable.

I'll shoot you an email regardless.


Christopher King said...

PS: What I can tell you is that it was by the seat of the pants at least as quick in the city as my brand-new GS 550ES; which is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I emailed you. Steve-DP 935

Anonymous said...

Chris, I emailed you back, Steve-DP935

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double, Not used to these sites. Steve