20 February 2006

Sorry Charlie, Chief: You can't treat nigguh's like dat no mo'.

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Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. sharp I file an Amended Complaint and the Motion for Injunctive relief seen in part, above.
I came and watched Attorney Bauer and Chief Dunn at his Deposition laugh at the letter suggesting I would get my ass reamed in prison. Then I came and watched as Charlie's co-counsel NAACP lawyer Maria Proulx refused to shake my hand, and even as Attorney Bauer lied to the Court about emails and got away with it.

And then I politely waited three (3) whole months while Chief Dunn held his secret file on me away from my lawyers, despite the fact that I have heard them ask for it in Cheshire County Court on several occasions, and despite the fact that we don't have to ask for it; we are entitled to it ab initio.

That having been said, I am here to tell them that this is one nigguh' that won't stand for this shit anymore. I'll forward this to Assistant Attorney General Alison Vachon for her immediate reconsideration as well, so she can admit that I indeed have presented her office with new issues about Chief Dunn.

It's simple: You can't keep secret files on people and you can't violate the Constitution. Not even against a nigger like me.

My co-worker was reading my blawg the other day with Dunn and holding his happy-assed secret file in his hand as I told her/him about the Constitutional implications of this:

"Oh, don't worry, I get it," s/he said. "The more they fuck you the more they fuck themselves."

I love my staff.

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