09 February 2006

One World is enough for all of us.

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First of all, click on "evil" to watch "Oreo." You know, all of us can get along. I've had Jewish people, some of them lawyers not once but more than twice befriend me since I was a kid; most -- not some -- of my friends in fact are Jewish. That's Wine Spectator's Daniel Sogg and Dr. Joshua/Breslau to my left, at State Debate Finals. We kicked ass that year. Eighteen (18) years later, Sogg's father helped with Michael Isreal's DWB case, and seven (7) years after that, Breslau hosted "American Lawyer I: Christopher King is a Dangerous Black Man," in Cambridge public access. I've had Presbyterian Ministers and Mike Royko befriend even my Tattoo studio clients. And of course, I've had black folks, now subject to discovery requests along with Jaffrey PD, turn around and lie on me, and tell me "you're not who you say you are," give me the evil eye, toss my emails out and all kinds of ignorant sh*t, like crabs in a bucket. But then, that's cowards for you.


Eric said...

LD? LD? That ain't no debatin'. Gimme some NDT head down two man spread anyday! LOL.

Christopher King said...

I really admired the extempt folks too. I need to do some volunteering now that I'm a free Negro; get in there and judge these up-and-coming attorneys and politicians.

It will be a blast.

Of course I'll have to find a way to fill my wallet again to get to climb that Maslovian ladder enough to get past subsistence, now that the patently ridiculous, bullshit extortion charges have been dismissed in their entirety.


Peace out, Eric.

And BTW I'm on to some big news in Columbus I'll email you or post on Plunderbund in a minute:


When I get down there, we're gonna jam out my brother!