11 February 2006

NAACP, NCLB, CT Schools, racism and Christopher King

You know why Nashua, NH NAACP Prez & Veep look so damn nappy? It's because they know I've got the drop on them and their "game playing" (including Executive Committee member Claire Holston asking me for personal job-search favors using the NAACP database) in my case.

Further, the NAACP should not be entirely trusted when it claims to be concerned about the pernicious effects of unlawful discrimination in Connecticut as they recently jumped in bed with Bushco on NCLB. I know for a fact that they have actively ignored other issues of racism within CT schools. Dig this correspondence between Hartford Schools Director Johnson, Union President Cheryl Timmons-Opesso (sister of Nashua NAACP president Gloria Timmons), and me. And I've got much more. I warned in September I would legally haunt them.

See, what was really f*cked-up about this is that the Hartford NAACP President never called me back after Gloria told me to help out, and I called her at least half a dozen times. So I helped out after she finally gave me verbal approval on the phone as I was in Boston City Council chambers and I indeed took the above-defined course of action; Timmons-Opesso and another discriminated-against employee Antoinette Holiday both wrote me emails thanking me for abating the discrimination. That was a Good Feeling. But then the Nashua NAACP tried to use it against me (arguing a pattern of ultra vires acts) as they tried to help Jaffrey PD nail me on a bullshit case of attempted extortion for writing a Demand Letter and "threatening" to call a press conference about police abuse in Jaffrey, NH -- where, according to the Peterborough Transcript, local white citizens don't even trust the establishment!

Watch our movies. Speaking of movies, Samuel L. Jackson's new release, with Julianne Moore, "Freedomland," looks substantial. I love the line where he says, "You can tell that Prosecutor he can kiss my black ass."

Non-sequitur: That brown brother James (Bubba) Stewart can ride the rims right off a damn motorcycle. He does things that Bobby Wirt and I could never have contemplated 30 years ago – or in fact, even today. Funny, I’ve likely got more in common with his father than him! If he stays healthy he will mature and likely surpass the brilliant Ricky Carmichael as the most decorated Supercrosser in the World. In heat one at San Diego he went off the track on the holeshot, then won the heat; then he beat Carmichael in the final heat. He is a genuinely nice guy and a role/model. I love you, Man.

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