27 February 2006

NAACP Image Awards are nice, but......

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Update: Rory Holland has been charged with and I believe convicted of murder and sentenced to Life in Prison. Here he speaks at sentencing.

All is not well with the NAACP, most notably in the Northeast:

First comes the summary. Rory Holland and I think the NAACP should stop and pay attention to its core values instead of throwing gala gatherings and aligning itself with the wrong/side and helping to stifle Free Speech up here.

To wit: This includes agreeing with a recently-suspended Police Chief Martin Dunn in Jaffrey, New Hampshire who holds secret files on me -- a former legal redress chair -- as well as the Portland, Maine Chapter providing character witness to support Robert Kalex, who was found guilty of a Hate Crime against Mr. Holland -- a former NAACP court liason -- in Portland. You can surf into an actual Supreme Court Decision affirming a Hate Crime conviction.

They got away with slamming Free Speech in Portland, but they have not/succeeded thus far in New Hampshire, where I am droppin’ mad knowledge:

For an appetizer on Boston's intransigence, and a full first course on the other jurisdictions, visit the Political Switchboard for a recently-published commentary:

Meanwhile, NAACP has problems out in the other Portland as well; but I don't have an inside source on this one, where the Sec'y is accused of attempted murder and kidnapping. That could all be bullshit, too. I'll reserve further comment.

Meanwhile, Rory’s blog is here. Remember: his assailant, Robert Kalex, was convicted of a Hate Crime pursuant to 5 MRSA 4681(6), while the NAACP showed up to offer character witness on Kalex’s behalf, according to the Court file and Mr. Holland, the victim.


Christopher King said...

A comment so strong I just copied it from the 25 Feb. "How Portland NAACP Screwed Rory Holland" post below:

"There is a picture of this inocent little prankster, Kalex, in his "ghost costume" after the fact, I've seen it. I guess KKKalex and those who testified on his behalf thought ghosts have pointed hats. I under-
stand he had a baseball in hand too...pretty ghostly. And the NAACP said it was PERSONAL? So why didn't the NAACP ( in re this episode) march on behalf of the two African American children that lived in Holland's building at the time and were present for this little haunting... was that "personal"?

What an eye full those two youngsters got- They got to see the ugly face of racism AND the shameful abandonment of their human rights by the Portland's Chapter of -let's not get our hands dirty- NAACP whose duty it was to step up to the plate for them. I'm sure portland branch is not the only one infected with this growing form of viral activism. Racism may be an issue of color, Courage and commitment, evidently, is not.

teacher_girl said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll keep checking yours. I'm still piecing your story together from your posts and site. Keep up the fight! I admire your courage.

I'm not as active on the blog where you posted your comments, but I post more here:


Keep exposing the truth!

deniseeverest said...

There was no baseball in Kalex's hand in that picture nor was there ever. It was a lie trumped up by Holland who used the Race Trump card to extort money and real estate out of his victims. Kalex's conviction was overturned on that. Also, Holland also has an enormous track record of abusing neighborhood children in which witnesses were not allowed to testify on. That was what this whole accusation was about. Hollands exposure as a child predator. I guess the real truth didnt sell newspapers or the media. Instead, they chose a man who tried to kill his 16 month old daughter in Topeka Kansas in 1977, Rory C. Holland. When those facts came public by the mouth of Robert Kalex and Denise Everest, Holland turned around and used his own form of damage control, Racial Hate Crimes to extort money and property off of Kalex. Dont say you seen a bat in the hands of Kalex, it was a can of beer at a Halloween Costume PArty at a local bar. Oh and by the way, there was ONE black child in Rory's apartments, which he sued to gain possession of the property a few years earlier on the charges of racial impropriaties, and he ALSO abused and scared that little girl. Ask the mother of that child, oh thats right, the mother and child are in hiding from Holland himself.

Christopher King said...

Thank you for your input.

I have personally spoken with the daughter. See seemed glad to speak with me about her father; she was there visiting him.

As far as Kalex goes, Judge Alexander holds a viewpoint substantially dissimilar to yours:


deniseeverest said...

I remember what Judge Alexander said about my testimony, but his testimony was nothing more than predjudiced against myself and Kalex. His predjudices against me was purely due to my relations with Kalex. His personal judgement against Kalex clouded him about my reputation as well as my causes and contributions to my community. If you check the 2003-2004 town hall records of waterboro, maine, you will see that I am an upholding citizen of my communities I live in, and was on many Town Committees and Boards there until I moved back home.

Unfortunately Mr. King you have been sadly misled by this intelligent Holland. Unfortunately for him, there ARE some people that are smarter than him.

The child you are talking about is not his daughter.

If you think Holland was or ever was a victim you need to dig some more and visit the communities he has ever lived in. There is a trail of blood this man alone has left and its there to find if you look hard enough.

I dont care what Judge Alexander thinks about me, he is not a good ma n. Besides, his conviction was overturned and his opinion of me doesnt bother me when the man he wanted to rule for has a felony record a mile high.

If you want proven evidence about this man Holland, contact me, I will be happy to share it.


denise everest said...

An update for everyone here, Mr. Rory Holland, the supposed victim of a racial hate crime, was found in the Portland, Maine District Court on July 16,2007, by Judge Crowley, to be a pathological liar who creates his own staged problems. He found Mr. Holland to be untrustorthy, unreputable and very untruthful. Prior evidence that was banned from being submitted on behalf of MR Kalex, was allowed to be submitted and Mr. Holland was not a very happy man that the truth for a change was allowed to come out in a court of law. I have told Mr. Holland from the time he assaulted my 8 year old little girl in 1997 that the day would come that the truth would come out. He is a conniving, DANGEROUS, manipulative and evil person that loves to victimize CHILDREN in the worse imaginable ways you can ever think of. But, Mr. Holland does not stop there, he victimizes women also. There is no end to the evil this man does, nothing is past him, not even murder. Yes Mr. Holland, I made a promise to you ten years ago that it would be a 97 pound indian woman that would haunt your dreams and never stop coming for you. I affirm that promise I made to you ten years ago. I am currently investigating you for the murder of your father in Peoria Ill--haha, you thought I didn't catch that one didn't you? And as God as my witness, I WILL get you prosecuted for being the child predator and molestor that you are. And oh my poor man, every rock that you have climbed out of in the past, the present and the future, I will be collecting your DNA slime, trust me on that. You are the boy that cried wolf and used your color to gain sympathy for your smokescreen to your crimes and I swear on my Creator that I will make you pay for that. For those of us who are not white and actually suffer racial hate crimes, you have set us back 100 years. You think you are so smart and so elaborated and so thorough and you have managed to bullshit everyone with your gift of fancy words you learned while in prison but you failed to remember one thing. I am MOHAWK. You have wronged my little girl, my blood, my ancestral heir, and for that I will NEVER stop hunting you in the shadows until you are caught. The only reason why you have gotten this far is because I need you to bury yourself a little more before I get you. You see, your own words shall convict you and they have. I read between every word and line you write and say and I go find the proof to prove you wrong. You should know this by now. Where do you think all this information came from in your last trial you sued for racial crimes? Oh yeah, the "public repository" you love to mention so freely in your depositions in your lawsuits. Hmmm see what I mean? I think your days are up there Holland. The truth is coming out and its not just me that wants to see justice served on you. I will cooperate with any and all local, state and government agency that is coming after you. So with that, remember, since you made this such a national case, I will make sure that the same media attention goes to correcting your statements and the same diligence you put into destroying law abiding citizens lives, I will use to destroy yours. Your freedom is coming to end. You should just give up and now and turn yourselef into the FBI and confess to everything you have EVER done. Although Illinois no longer has the death penalty, jail for child molestors is in effect, a death sentence. And thats where you are going, nice cold hard jail with a tag on your back telling all the inmates how you love to hurt little kids.
Take care, I WILL be watching you.
Denise Everest