16 February 2006

More about Niggas.

Now this amazing
story about a teacher in Louisville, KY from another strong black blogger I'm about to blogroll. Let me weigh in on this firmly: Many times my friend Martha's students would say, Ms. [Blankety-Blank] you're our nigguh'. And believe me, it was a term of endearment. I know because I used to speak in her classroom. But 9/10 of the time she shrugged it off and just laughed, because you have to be careful with that. Very careful. And you know if you can say it or not and if you have to ask, then you know you can't. Check out this post.


Anonymous said...

One thing you can not say is I am a licensed attorney.

One thing you can say is I have been given a million dollar education and have wasted it.

You reflect on the past constantly because you have run out of places to go and places to be sent packing to. There is no future. You are living with your sister. You are a waiter. You have no wife, you have no children, you have no career, you have in front of you jail, being run out of towns, and daydreaming about a movie that is really a string of 3 minute "clips" that highlight what a self absorbed, thin-skinned prick you are. Of course it is all somebody elses fault, or because you are black (you are the Oreo, is the irony) or because you are a crusader and this is the path of the noble. Bullsh*t. You're a loser. Go ride your motorcycle off a cliff after you serve expensive bottled to WASPs im Fairfield County. 7 years of college, down the tubes.

PS - Where all the white women at?

Christopher King said...

Oh, such vile hatred and contempt. Too bad you don't have a clue as to what's really going on, and how much more than "3 minute clips" is about to happen.

Some folks understand.


The fact that you don't provides me some excellent material for the future, and believe me, the future -- not the past -- is where it's at.


Why you hidin' out under your "anonymous" post like a scairdy-cat.... I put myself in the open, but apparently you're just a little scared, huh?

Thanks for the quotes.

Christopher King said...

Oh, and I guess the best part is that they actually hire the best lawyers in the area to deal with a "loser" like me. American Tower and NAACP both hired former bar association presidents.

Interesting, that.

Christopher King said...

On further reflection, this is a fun post. I'm going to compare and contrast it with the contemporaneous observations of other people who support me and the cause of the oppressed, and who have not missed the point that it is the NAACP who played the Oreo role; sold that nigguh' Willie Toney and me down the river.


What's it like to share a relative's house for a while during a bullshit criminal investigation since you've lived on your own since the last year of high school? Well in a word, it's fun, at least while I get my next project together and move my civil cases toward trial -- which is precisely what they are going to do.

Lastly, the anonymous critic seems to wonder where all the white women are at. I honestly don't know, but I suspect they are all out there with the brown women, some of whom you can see in the pics in this post:


Anonymous said...

Because you are a dangerouse black man of course I am anonymous.

You are a black man by birth, you are dangerouse because you have nothing, nothing to lose. You have an education, you have a desire for the better things in life, and you have not done so, with every door opened to you. And as a 40 something, when the demograhic is gaining influence, you are not. Loser.

Its not about hatred, its about you being loose to scam some apologetic fools into giving you some money. You could have earn a living, but you want to be the victim, and be provided for your hurt. Weak.

Get a pair, loser.

And I will remain anonymous, to let you ponder the forces aligned against you. It is for my own safety. I can see by your self developed web site ( No one posts here) that it is a mock. Join the dark side, you can't cut it over there. You are no where.

Christopher King said...

You remain anonymous because you need to get a pair yourself. I don't need any of your support or your sympathies. I have earned a decent living in the past and will earn a decent one in the future.

What you might do instead of launching ad hominem remarks is to analyze the lies I have clearly set forth that the NAACP, Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn, and their attorneys have issued, such as here:


and here:


Just to start.

Also, "nowhere" is one word.

Anonymous said...

eat the corn niblets in my feces, ass cheeze.

Christopher King said...

That's articulate. Show those true cuh'-cuh'-cuh' colors, colors, Mr./Ms. anonmymASS.

Christopher King said...

I'll prolly revisit this post from time to time just to see where my buddy is; maybe invite him or her out for some green tea & sushi.


Christopher King said...

Choosey nigguh's choose Chris:


Take a look at what these Hip-Hop brothers who have watched some of my movies and who have actually met me and had a chance to get to know me actually think.

While others sit on the sidelines and call me the Oreo. (which by the way was part of my intent in calling the short film Oreo in the first place).

I may predominately date white women and do "white" things like mountainbiking, snowboarding, etc. but you my friend are the one supporting the master in this case -- just like a good little house nigguh' would do.

Perhaps one day you will mature.

Christopher King said...

"Your self-developed website..."

Yeah, I got me some capable (and hot) Eurobabes to take care of the website and event planning, when the time is right.

That's the thing about me: I'm smarter and better than all the haters who fuck with me put together.

I'll take the prize when the chips are all down.

You can blee-dat' my Nigguh'.

Christopher King said...

Ha-ha! Looks like the N.E. NAACP, run by the same nigguh's who hate me, will even testify as character witnesses for the Ku Klux Klan instead of backing someone who actually advocates for Civil Rights in the trenches:


And I don't hate to say "I told you so."

Christopher King said...

Hey I'm still tryin' to holler atcha' for dinner my brother, where did you go?

Oh, I guess I'll just have to hang out with this reader instead.


Christopher King said...

Still waitin' on that dinner call. Looks like things are picking up so let me know when I can pencil you in: