25 February 2006

Look who I met today!

These good white folks refuse to be treated like niggers too! I told NAACP I was going to take this case beyond the restrictive confines of the NH media, controlled by NAACP's attorneys Orr & Reno. And next I go to Amnesty International. And then if they want some more, I'll be the first nigguh' to podcast his own First Amendment trial. Every stupid look, or grimace, every inarticulate, stupid thing NAACP says, as they said when trying to shut down my website for "stalking" -- which failed -- EVERYTHING will be at my beck and call.

These Northeast NAACP (National Association of Anti-Christ Poo'butts) have a history of failing to represent victims of police abuse when it threatens them. They fucked Rory Holland, legal liason in Portland, ME too because he really wanted to get something done about the abuse allegedly occasioned against Candy Wright, but they got him arrested because NAACP official Moses Sebunya had friends over at the city and he worked in the police department! Dig it. Tried to lock him up just as they tried with me.

Read Holland v. Sebunya, 200 ME 160, and read the dissent, too, citing Dennis v. Sparks, 449 U.S. 24, 27-28 (1980): "Private persons, jointly engaged with state officials in the challenged action, are acting 'under color' of law for purposes of § 1983 actions," which supports my contention that Defendants Timmons and Levesque and Dunn should be tried for Constitutional Deprivations in my case!

And I'm not exactly certain what the NAACP did to help him in regard to being accosted in State v. Kalex, 2002 ME 26 by people like Robert Kalex, wearing KKK robes and calling him a "nigger," for which Kalex earned a 364-day prison sentence, which was vacated over the vigorous objection of Judge Alexander, who wrote:
"The record establishes that Denise Everest was Robert Kalex's girlfriend. She harbored a long standing hatred towards the victim, Rory Holland, ultimately convincing Kalex to exclude Holland from Kalex's business. On the night of the incident, Everest was confrontational with the police, being "highly intoxicated and highly agitated." During this confrontation, according to Kalex's own testimony, Everest referred to the victim as a "nigger."...... M.R. Evid. 608(a) is not a license to bring prejudice and hate into the courtroom in the guise of reputation evidence.... I would affirm the judgment."
Now back to my case, Chief Dunn's secret files in violation of Rule 98 are (at best) irrelevant Rule 608 materials designed to taint me in the criminal case. And prosecutor Albrecht tried to shut down my blawg, too, so I couldn't talk about the violation. You can watch that in the "Oreo" video at the website. Get it? Got it. Super. People can love me, hate me, whatever I don't give a rat's ass. But the government will not shut me down. They shut me down, and you, and you, and you -- are next.

I have an odd relationship with the Daily Kos folks to say the least, but they are starting to get it. Here is a case summary.

Here's a good blawg for you haters to think about:

That's why it's high time for a lil' Civil Disobedience.


jen said...

wow, i knew nothing about this. thanks for leaving the links for me. i'm really impressed, you've got some brass cajones dude, more power to you! jen at donkeyod.blogspot.com

Christopher King said...

Hey thanks for taking a look. We're gearing up so a lot of folks will take a look. I had no idea about Rory's sitch until just yesterday, either; they like to keep this shit quiet.

Be sure'n'spread the word.

Too bad there is strength in knowledge, and numbers. That is the only way I can stay alive with haters like this knee-deep in my ass.

Peace be unto you, and hopefully one day for me as well =^.)

deniseeverest said...

I feel real sad for you Mr. King, you have been seriously mislead as well as a lot of others in the judicial system in Maine. Mr. Holland is a predator and a violent criminal that hides behind his intelligence and manipulations. He is a murderer in more than one state since he was 15 years old when he murdered his father. These issues are currently being investigated as well as 2 murders in Portland and one in Biddeford that Holland is linked to. That is in addition to the fact the the residents of Biddeford and the surrounding areas are starting to come together again to keep their children, family and property safe from this devil you call Rory Holland. He is the one that does the racial hate crimes and sets people up he chose as his next victims to scream racial hate crimes against him. New England is mostly a closet racist situation and he had to bring it all out into the light and calls himself the "little black agitator in a white washing machine", which is a quote from Hollands own mouth in September of 1999 in the Portland Press Herald. That was his initial set up for the great drama he has played out and pplayed out mostly on his own. I refuse the accusation of being a racist, I am Mohawk, not white. This evil man needs to be investigated to the fullest and put behind bars where he belongs so he can not hurt anyone else. I can see why other intelligent people fall into his trap, but thats all it is. You are his pawn to continue his extortion scams that he creates so he can get more money. I would appreciate it if you would start looking into some facts and report on that instead of going with sensationalism. Sometimes doing the right things for the right causes is a hard and lonely and sometimes dangerous thing to do, but in the end when you die, you can assure yourself that you stood up for the right issues even if it wasnt what you thought it was at the beginning. You are intelligent enough to dig up the real truth on Rory Holland, and when you do it is flabbergasting and shocking, and a little scary, cause this man doesnt miss any avenue of attack against his reputation. Sometimes the truth is uglier than what you thought it was. If you are a decent man you will check out Topeka Kansas, Emporia Kansas, 1976 1977 for starters--then check out the homeless people murders in portland and Biddeford, you can also check out the court records and find out his other scams, his manipulation of evidence, tampering, and on and on. Go into the town of Biddeford and walk the streets and talk to everyone you come across and ask them what that man has done to them or their children. You should take a video recorder and a notebook, you will need it. I walked the streets and the amount of victims he has is ENORMOUS!!!! If you want to compare yourself to Martin Luther King, then you need all sides and information to stand up tall and proud with the real truth of poor Mr. Holland's self-produced dillema.

Christopher King said...

You don't need to feel sad for me one bit.

I will look into your allegations and I never said that Rory Holland was some kind of angelic figure, but rather that the NAACP is a sellout organization.

Did you call him a nigger or not?

Also, I am part Cherokee and am thankful for that just as you are to be Mohawk.


Anonymous said...

No, I never called Holland that N word. I called him a child molesting asshole that touched the wrong kid, my own. Another thing, just about everyone in this country tries to claim that they are part Cherokee and they really aren't/ You can look up my ancestory. Look up Chief Joseph Brant, my mother still carries that name and that is still my native name. I hope you are serious when you say you are part native because if you aren't it is just as disgusting as white people saying they are from the hood.