19 February 2006

King sues Dunn under NH Const. Pt.1, Article 15.

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New Hampshire does indeed have a Constitution, as discussed in State v. Lavallee, 145 N.H. 424, 765 A.2d 671 N.H.,2000. It requires, on its face and application through Crim. Rule 98, production of all exculpatory evidence or evidence that the State plans to use against a criminal defendant. My buddy Marty Dunn implicates liability for Invasion of Privacy and Procedural and Substantive Due Process for the following reason:

See that stinkin' file in Marty's hand on the day I took his Deposition back on 18 Nov. 2005? It contains materials identified in this Depo. halftime post that the State, either through Defendant Dunn or Prosecutor Albrecht, has failed to produce to my counsel in the criminal case, a quarter of a year later. Which is par for the course, since Marty likes to keep files on private citizens anyway, right?

Contrary to Attorney Bauer's naked statements to the Court that the Rule 98 issues have nothing to do with him, they most certainly do concern him and his (in my opinion) hateful, lying-assed client, as held in McMillan v. Johnson, 88F.3d 1554, C.A. 11 (ala.), July 9, 1996.

I am not the loose cannon here. If they want to see a loose cannon they can look in the mirror and judge their own actions.

So I will move for an Injunction on any further criminal proceedings until they produce:

a) this exculpatory email chain as sent to Dunn's lawyers.
b) the contents of Marty's little surveillance file on me.

They run me ragged; wreck my social life and compromise my health. But I have an obligation as a man with the kind of training I have to expose all of their bullshit for the World to see before it happens to others. And in this climate of unauthorized eavesdropping, it will happen to others. Despite what my detractors have said, and may continue to say, any rational person can look at Chief Dunn and this case and say "something's not right here." That's why Charlie Bauer is working so hard to try to get it thrown out so a Civil Jury doesn't side with me and potentially make him give up millions for this bullshit. Keeping files on people? No Jury -- white, black, young, old, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, rich, poor -- is down with that. Man, that's some KGB or Gorky Park style shit. And Gorky Park is a great story but it's not a good way to live your life.

The Amended Complaint and attached Motion, also featuring the Defamation claim against Nashua NAAC President Timmons (scroll down to PPS), and the Constitutional elements noted in this post, will be deposited with the Court at 8:01 a.m. Tuesday, 21 February 2006.

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PS: I feel like I look like hell, but Marty's really looking haggard, huh? We're both walking wounded, but at least I'm telling the truth.

PS: My SAABista buddy in the comments section thought it was funny we shot this from the natty SAAB:


9kAERO said...

While i may not be able to comment on this the fact that you snapped this while working out of your Saab makes me sorta laugh.

Christopher King said...

Yes that is a hoot. While it is not one of more snappier SAABs I've owned, at least the windshield was clean: