26 February 2006

King rocks Black Film Festival!

Oh, we'll have an entry, showing the reel me and the reel face of the Northeast NAACP. Then next year, if I'm in prison or not because of the NAACP lies, we're gonna' bust with our Trial-Pod movies. Damn we're some smaaaahhhht nigguh's, right? No matter who does it next, I said it first -- and nobody's got a story like mine, anywhere. Well, except Rory Holland, of course, but he'll be featured in it along with some other material from my soon-to-be redesigned website. Funny, even if most of my crew is white, the system still hates on us like niggers. And wait until they find out who's been in the background the whole time. LMAO at you/haters.

PS: Shani Davis would dig it. Now it's time for my morning sk8.
My case summary.

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