22 February 2006

King instructs lawyers on Civil Disobedience.

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this is an audio post - click to play
First, in the criminal case against me, Chief Dunn was ORDERED to cough up his own sketchy-assed personnel file. Next, Hillsborough Clerk of Courts just informed me after I telephoned in today that yesterday's Motion for Injunctive Relief to get Chief Dunn's spy file on me was denied on an ex parte basis. "Both sides should be heard" read the decision. No hearing date had been set. Query, just what can Defendant Dunn have to say? I caught his ass with the file red/handed. I have instructed my attorneys not to follow any more directives in the criminal case until I get that file. I told the clerk: "Please communicate that to His Honor, because I'm sending out a request for an immediate hearing on the matter."

Some may say I am pushing the envelope. I say I can't believe the sellout Nashua NAACP supports this guy over me, even after I give them personal favors. I also say it's an envelope that needs to be unsealed to benefit the integrity of this Country and our system of Laws.

PS: The A/V guy at work following the case looked at the fliers and said "...[H]e looks evil." Then the librarian, a West African man (and believe me, they know about danger and government corruption) read my Amended Complaint and said "...[M]an, he looks dangerous." Those fliers should look nice'n'purdy by week's end.

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