18 February 2006

Impermanence: "You're just a waiter."

The tackhead coward who won't leave a name said that the other day (I thanked him/her for the quotes) and of course it led to introspection. And that led to the fact that like the life of a phoenix, one's life can rise and fall, but the life in and of itself is far from ephemeral. And even when it has "fallen" that too, is nothing but impermanence. My legal clients as do my restaurant clients noted in the scans, will soon tell you on video that I did no less a spectacular job for them as a lawyer. And because much of my efforts were contra big business and government, and not backed by Big Money, we often suffered. Watch the short short films at KingCast.net, and dig this post involving Civil Rights legend Ralph Abernathy and my client Jerry L. Doyle. That post proves you should always know your history.

There is honor in every job, so you do it well and hope that Life brings you the best. Every Day I am blessed, despite the best efforts of haters and liars. After all, I'm six feet over ground. Well, 5'10" or so if I stretch my wings. You haters better back up, and suck on this.

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