26 February 2006

"I'm a War President!"

Yeah you sure are and here's an hilarious, nicely-tweaked video to highlight it. Then NOFX joins in with a charming little ditty as well. Fact: My business partner and one of my lawyers largely disagree with these movies. But they still support me because this is America, dammit.
My case summary, and the Unauthorized Bush Biography.


WAT said...

Thanx for commenting on my blog! I'll be checking in here often, 'cause it looks like u got some seriously controversial viewpoints that r worth reading! LOL! By the way, are Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill knocking boots?

Christopher King said...

Thanks, brother, thanks. I'm gonna' blogroll you.

Be sure'n'spread the word because they really are trying to lynch a brother out here, as I told Jenny just a minute ago:


Some haters have called me self-absorbed, and blah, blah, blah but just how would they feel and what would they do in this situation?

Stay tuned for my videocasts; we're getting it together because even if someone beats me to it now, nobody except Rory has a story remotely like mine, and there is no former practicing Civil Rights lawyer who can podcast their own First Amendment trial except me!

I own dat shit and they hate it =^.)

PS: On eddie and Johnny:

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