28 February 2006

Hey King, check your tone!

All right: I've been called a coconut-head racist. I've been called a sellout oreo. I've been called a womanizer. I've been called gay. I've been told the NAACP "loved and supported me" -- even weeks after they heard from Chief Dunn -- and I've been told that they think I am an extortionist. WTF?

So now a well-intentioned brother from NH informs that my tone is off-putting to some. I told him I understand that, and I plan on working with him, actually. I can work with anyone reasonable. But let's not lose sight of the fact that my tone in the Demand/Letter to recently-suspended Chief Dunn was totally civil, and his response was so/nasty that it landed him a Defamation claim that just won't go away, like herpes. Oops, there I go again. Anyway, now he carries a secret file on me, and the criminal court denied my attorneys the right to use any of his file after the court ORDERED Dunn to provide it. Anyway, my tone was beautiful in helping all kinds of people (scroll to "PS") for the NAACP Nashua brass, while Gloria turned around and told bald-faced lies about me that constitute defamation and resulted in them voting me out of my Chair.

What I have provided the World is a pretty-much unadulterated view into the mind and life (well I don't go into my love life here, something must be sacred) of a black guy under a felony extortion charge in one of the whitest states in the Union (in fact the last one to adopt the MLK Holiday), while fighting the country's oldest Civil Rights Organization -- the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- who, once again sided with some white people of questionable integrity, IMHO. It's news of the weird, a twilight zone cinema verite and one wild ride. I hope you enjoy it, because you'll probably never see anything like it again. Although you will see similar things in light of the new age of technology, that's for certain. Just remember where you saw it first =^.)

I think some people fail to understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of my posts. I'm just a dude, no more, no less. That's why it's so funny grandstanding with people like Little Stevie, who is a great guy BTW. You see that newspaper (The Onion) that says "wrongly imprisoned man won't shut up about it" I think that's kinda' funny. No, that is kinda funny. Can't a guy under (wrongful) indictment have little fun? And whether or not I "rock" the Black Film Festival, it will be an interesting experience, no doubt.

PS: Wait until you see my father's issues regarding the NAACP referral lawyers tomorrow. He's got an appellate argument out there in Ohio from where his NAACP referral lawyer took his money, gave him no contract and bailed on him, after a decorated 38-year career with Diamond Shamrock and its successors. Peter Kirsanow was involved in that.

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